Titanium shutter!


Hope they dont change the specs


A company which has designed hundreds of yoyos doesn’t know how materials affect play? I’m pretty sure a result of making so many yoyos is that you learn exactly how that works.


Bad phrasing, sorry.

I’m implying that YYF never took full advantage of bi-metal nor titanium possibilities, resulting in very good yoyos (I don’t deny it) but that never had a darn-this-could-never-have-been-achieved-with-aluminium feeling.

I’m not saying it’ll be a bad yoyo at all, nor do I mean they can’t design yoyos. I’m just saying that their designs is made to please the largest audience possible and therefore take almost no risk in exploiting the full potential of a design.

It’s a perfectly understandable and defendable choice, it’s just a choice I don’t recognize myself in and a Ti Shutter is not something I’m willing to invest in.

And who knows, I may be proven wrong if I ever come to throw one.

I’m not hating in any way, and I’ve really enjoyed most YYF yoyos I’ve owned, I’m just pointing out the reasons I am not thrilled by the Ti Shutter, based on my sole experience.


If we’re being absolutely fair, one of the most desirable Ti yoyos out there, the Evora, has very similar play characteristics to a Cascade, other than the diameter difference. You don’t play the Evora and think, “This could only be done with Titanium”.

Well, other than the pinging sound on binds, unique coloration, durability, etc. An aluminum Evora would be a pretty cool yoyo, but as it stands, the Ti version is desirable not for its play characteristics but for its design aesthetic.

Or in other words… other than the Fulvia (or the bi-metal version thereof!), which Titaniums out there have truly pushed yoyo design into “oh wow. This can only be done with Titanium” territory? I can’t name any in a significant way. Even the lauded Citizen is similar to the Dream in its rim-weightedness combined with light feeling. Both of them are standing alongside the Draupnir which is not a Titanium…

When I play the Ti Dream, I personally DO feel that it’s taking advantage of the material. The proof is that the AL version doesn’t play the same, though it plays similarly. But I’ll admit that it’s not in a truly “significant” way.

What’s a counter-example of a must-have Titanium that extols the virtues of Titanium? Other than the Fulvia, which I admit is probably (haven’t played one) the only Ti that pushed everything to the absolute extreme that would not be possible with other materials.


If you look back at some of the things they have designed, you will see that hey have done many extremely risky and unique designs. As an owner of the ti dream, I can 100% say the feel they achieved with it could not be done on aluminium, but that’s just my opinion. I don’t think it’s really fair to judge the Ti shutter having not seen the specs or cad drawing but whatever.


To be honest, the Ti issue is not exclusive to YYF. I’ve just especially disliked their Ti yoyos. But I’ve been disappointed in almost every Titanium I’ve thrown, or more exactly, none of the Ti yoyos I’ve thrown has managed to reach my expectations.

You are pairing the Ti Dream and CiTizen (which I have not tried so far)with the Draupnir - and here I’d disagree since the Dream does not offer the switness of the Draupnir as far as sudden changes of direction are concerned- but for me, even if you could pair them with the Draupnir, you would not have used the full potential of the material if you can’t surpass it. Titanium offers more possibilities than aluminium.

What I believe could theoretically be a successful use of the Ti properties would be a ~60g full sized yoyo that smashes a Draupnir performance-wise. This may very well be the dream of a fool. What I’m expecting from Ti yoyos is to offer a new range of weights with as well as top performances.

I’ll admit at this point I may have been mistaken into believing that a yoyo made exclusively out of Titanium could also overthrow aluminium/steel bi-metal yoyos. I don’t even feel like the Anglam TiSS succeeds in it in a significant manner (not tried either, this is pure speculation based on design/specs/reviews).

My only hope at this point is the Fulvia BTM-R, indeed.


Anything past plain ol’ aluminium isn’t going to provide a super major increase in performance, ever. The replay pro or YYJ classic can do the exact same tricks as the Anglam TiSS while costing almost $1000 less. If you buy a titanium yoyo expecting it to perform any better than a budget metal or even a bimetal, then I would say you are going into it for the wrong reasons. The difference between titanium and any other material is almost all feel. It gives you more possibilities with how to change how the yoyo plays but it is never going to offer a high enough performance increase to make anyone a better player.


That’s not why I meant. I mean titanium offers the possibility to go beyond the current 63-67 comfort zone in which makers seem to stay. And I have never, not even even a single time, even implicitly, suggested that would make anyone a better player.


I will totally agree that the Ti Dream is one of the best yo-yo’s ever made. It is amazing. YoyoFactory hit that one out of the park.

I will respectfully disagree with this statement. The CiTizen is not even in the same league as the Ti Dream or the Draupnir. I did not like the CiTizen nearly as much as many other Ti throws.


I never leave the house without a B.S.P.
Love my Sovereign.
I like Ti but not as much as I like magnesium.


It’s a good chance to get one cheap


I would not agree that (in general) YoyoFactory designs are made to please the largest audience possible, and that they are unwilling to take risks. Many of their models are released as one run, right at the outset, or as part of a short run project of some sort. When they sell out, they’re gone. I’ve seen some great designs that were one and done, with great feedback from throwers. Turntable, Metal Replay, VKss, Cyborg 2.0, Genesis 2014, Doomsday Genesis, to name a few. I don’t think any of those projects were necessarily made to please a large audience. I think YoyoFactory has been taking more risk in being true to their name and churning out lots of releases and designs during the year. As a result, some of them are geared toward large audiences and many buyers, while others are geared toward a smaller audience and more focused. I think they have done one of the best jobs at focusing their marketing, and giving buyers options, from a design perspective. And, if risk means making a bad throw just to say that they took the best advantage of some material, I congratulate them for not taking that kind of risk. No thanks. :smiley:

I think that we have to keep in mind that this Titanium Shutter will be fairly limited. Those who want one will have an opportunity to buy one, but it will only be sold at selected retailers. They seem to be gearing this toward people who would be interested in a titanium Shutter, not yo-yo buyers at large. I say that, because of the quantity planned for this project, and the fact that they involved community support. So, this seems to be a very focused project, not something that YoyoFactory is trying to sell to the masses. While Shutter is a popular design that appeals to many, the titanium material and price tag alone will obviously make this throw something that the masses will not be interested in.

Once again, YoyoFactory has given us the option to opt in, or opt out. No pressure, just the freedom to buy in when we’re interested. I thank them for making the design available to those of us who are interested. We are not the largest audience at all, but we are willing to pay for a titanium Shutter, and we’re willing to help raise the money to make it happen.

I hope I didn’t misunderstand your statement.


Sorry, I’m not the smartest apple in the crayon drawer…So that indegogo page thing that has really cheap yoyos (some b grades and such) was set up by yoyo factory to help get the money to make this throw happen?

Also, if I buy a shutter there, try it, and like it, do you think I would have enough time to pull the trigger on a ti one before they run out and before the fundraiser is over?


No, the indiegogo is meant to support the YoyoFactory Adventure; the Ti Shutter is just the premium and unique option to buy. The B-grades and so forth are for the Adventure, not for the Shutter, which I believe is scheduled to happen no matter what.


Okay! Thanks :slight_smile:


Ti Shutter will be at YoYoExpert this FALL ;D


If I can sell enough of my other throws, I will try to get one :wink:


https://c7.staticflickr.com/8/7369/27682619766_60bd38debf.jpgYYFbimetals by Total Artist, on Flickr

Look at the difference in placement of those metal rings with each bi-metal design. That’s experimentation. Brilliant! :wink: Bump for the campaign baby! If anyone has played all these designs, I’m curious which one you like the best. I’m stumped, cause they’re all just so good. :-\ I hope no one slept on that VKss. That also needs a double. When that YYE edition Edge drops, it will have a twin too. :wink: :wink:

I’m so excited, Ti Shutter is coming soon.


TA, what’s that on the bottom left, the black one with no engraving?

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I’m not TA, but that looks like a VKSS.