Please delete

Gone. Thank you to everyone.


Dude, find something else to sell but keep this for yourself.


Once you can bind well you’re gonna wish you still had this yoyo! It’s one of the best playing Titanium’s ever made imo.


Yes, keep it! You will regret getting rid of it. Learn to bind.


Thanks for the encouragement guys… I do still have a couple other Ti throws if this one goes.


Just another persons opinion but I agree with the other posters. IMO this yoyo is one of the finest playing yoyos I’ve played. And I own/have owned quite a few different yoyos.


I have a Something Anglam Zero Ti that I thought was my YoYo to aspire to once I’m more proficient. Is this Dream at that level?


I’m beating a dead horse but trust these guys. Take it from me. I’m greedy as heck and love ti throws and you listed this at a steal of a price considering it’s practically brand new looking. And I would thrash it.
But I absolutely agree and i believe you will be very thankful you have this as you progress and learn tricks.
Titanium sings a song while you play. Its soothing. If i had the money I would fill my dresser drawer with titanium yoyos.
Unless you were about to be evicted or your kids are without food, you should keep it or trade it for another appealing ti if you eventually feel bored with it


Hmmm… maybe I’ve been too hasty in listing this one.


I got lucky and bought a used ti dream… it’s awesome. I recommend learning to bind. If you put your mind to it you’ll learn to bind in a week or 2…or 3… then you can enjoy your ti collection.


I’m gonna hop on the bandwagon here and say keep it. It’s a beast and you’ll regret passing it up. Work on that bind and this little guy will soar. I tried one and loved it. Sadly I don’t own it, the Ti spot in my collection belongs to the Vayder. One day though…

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I am also in the camp of if it is just a learning curve please don’t rush to sell.


Ill admit that the ti dream is an animal and the most under rated ti there is.
That said, a titanium anglam is a top top top (x3) level throw.
If your trying to streamline or get some extra cash, i dont think you should lose sleep With a zero on your shelf :wink:


Should I buy it and torch it???


Gonna put a brief pause on the sale listing until tomorrow. After a huge response including pm’s strongly suggesting I keep this, I need a moment. Sorry, thank you.


That’s a good decision.

Here is some advice from a slightly different angle>

Put a string on the Ti Dream. Make sure you cut to a comfortable length so you don’t bounce it into the ground.

Don’t worry about not being able to bind yet.

Just throw some breakaways, trapeze, double or nothings, etc…

What the goal is here is for you to get a good feel ‘of’ the yoyo.

How it feels in your hand and on the throw down and in the air. Form a personal view on your first impressions of the yoyo.

Just be careful not to kiss the ground with it.

When you run out of spin, then just hand roll it up and let er rip again.

<<>> Taking the yoyo out of the box occasionally is like staring at a fancy car and wondering if you would like it?

It’s like going to a party and wondering which of the girls can dance?

The proof of the pie is in the tasting.

Give it some good play time and honestly decide what you think of it?

If you aren’t impressed, then just post it up again…’As new Ti Dream for sale. I took it for a good test drive and it just isn’t my cup a tea’.

I have a Zero Ti also. A very good yoyo. And the Ti Dream is a ‘very good yoyo’.

There are Ti yo-yos that cost: $400, $500, $600, $700, $800, $900… The Ti Dream is easily one of the best priced Ti yo-yos ever sold.

The only more amazing value is the Ti Vayder.

If you need the money that’s another thing entirely.

Bust some moves with that sucker!


Hi, is this still available, pm’d ya😜

Just kidding my friends, please keep the yo-yo if possible dude.
It’s not just the yo-yo now, it’s the amazing community now behind the yoyo and your story.

I hope you get that bind down.


Yoyos come and go, even good ones, and even very good ones.

Some you regret letting go of, some you don’t.

You’ll be okay either way.