YYF Ricochet


Reviews, comments, questions?

Also if you got one please post your number here I will update the first post as a registry.

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I have a question.

What motivated Yoyofactory to make a classically shaped titanium (and therefore more expensive) yoyo?

It seems that there would be more demand for a more modern shaped TI, considering the lack of
V or H shaped TI’s

Now, I’m not criticizing the design choice - I’m extremely excited for a high performance throw with a classic shape, as few have been released in recent years.

Just curious.


Probably for the reasons you stated, there really hasn’t been anything like that lately. Also, it just looks classy. I’d buy one if I had the cash.


I decided that I’ll get one in the coming weeks, but I haven’t decided on the color yet.


I am the owner of Blue #83. My name is Alex Gallimore.


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Now to throw :stuck_out_tongue:


Just to clarify something, what’s the official name of the anodized Ricochet colour? A few places have it listed as ‘iridescent purple’ while others have it under ‘re-entry blue’. Looks fantastic no matter what it’s called but I just need to know for my slightly OCD cataloging.

Edit to add: mine just arrived. Checking in with blue/purple #90



To achieve the price, and hopefully get enough people interested in Titanium to grow it into a category we had to offer something that couldn’t offend anyone. Say it was ice cream and we offered cherry chunk rocky road we would have found a lot of people don’t like cherry, even more don’t like Coconut, and a few crazy folk don’t like chocolate. Some don’t like V, some don’t like H. So Ricochet is a little vanilla, but it tastes good as the only flavor available. If people love it we can do more, knowing a good experience will not only appeal potentially to existing owners but that good experience will be shared by many. So I hope it is a tasty Vanilla and everyone likes it :smiley:


sure looks tasty… just waiting for a bite of one! :wink:
If I get hungry enough after hearing some reviews… may have to place my order!


Well, so far after a day of play I’m enjoying the Ricochet. Doesn’t feel heavy on the string, long spins. It took about an hour to get the nerve to walk the dog.
Sparks away! Maybe not as dramatic as I hoped. I don’t know how well other Ti throws spark. I like how the rims flare out so only the very edge contacts the ground. So after a bunch of drags the material really shows its strength. The scratches are there but not deep. Also the overall look of the yoyo stays perfect with so little scraping. This is my new pocket throw. Fits great and very comfy in the hand. We’ll see how it holds up with time. But so far I’m diggin’ it! My one question to Ben is what’s the best surface to get good sparks. You need a good hard throw for sparks.


Ben, I already mentioned this in an email to YYE but the extra bearing in mine somehow found itself into the same box compartment as the yoyo and caused a couple of scratches during shipping. Might want to look into securing the bearing in there or packing all the extra goodies into a small plastic bag or something.



What did YYF do to maximize the properties afforded by titanium in the Ricochet? You say you made something a little vanilla so that it would appeal to everyone but at the same time what makes the Ricochet stand out as a titanium versus a standard aluminum YYF? For example here is another company’s titanium next to one of their aluminum yo-yos. The cut aways show how they drastically reduced the walls of the titanium maximizing the wieght in the rims.

Do you possibly have a factory reject half that you can cut in half and show us?


might break a tooth that way XD

(G2 Jake) #14

I’d like to see the same picture, with it being an undersized yoyo I doubt it has any extra thin walls, but I would like to see how thick the outer rim is with all of the long spin time talk.


I cleaned up the bickering. For this thread, please stick to this:


Couldn’t help myself and got a silver one as well. Checking in with silver #101.

Also, here’s a picture of blue/purple #90 being sparked up (already posted in the amateur photography thread but seemed appropriate to post here as well):




Hey Ben you said you were trying to introduce people to titanium does that mean you will be working with it again in the future?


I really hope so. We didn’t push any envelopes with Ricochet. Its a very solid design, close to indestructible (first thing to break would be the axle which is a very easy to replace inexpensive part and to break it you would need, say a car). Its features are it is beautiful, exotic and throws sparks. It plays fantastic, but so does a dv888. Not trying to convince anyone their life will not be complete without it but I do hope that people can find room in their case for such a yoyo. If they do, we can look at making a bigger brother, which does push the boundaries.


$199 and a hacksaw you can take your own photos :smiley:


Hacksaw would probably break before the yoyo was cut through.

I’m sure you have something in your shop that would do a cleaner job on a factory reject half. :wink: