why is the yyf riochet so expensive

Why is the ricochet so expensive I wanted to get it because of its spark power but 200$ seriously with 200$ I could get 2 y factors and 1 surge and 1 butterfly

Because it’s made of titanium, which is more expensive, I’m not quite sure why.

Its made of titanium which is quite expensive to machine but gives you better product than say 6061 aluminum or 7075 aluminum although thats arguable


the Ricochet is SO SO cheap dude.
Normal Titanium yoyos are 300+ usually

Go take a look at the TI oxy line or the dazzler. Maybe the 3yo3 TI or even Kyo’s stuff. The only other ti’s in the $200 range were the sovereign and OD themselves said they couldn’t do that price again and the aurora. Even when audley the cheap chinese manufacturer made their own TI they couldn’t go under the $200 mark so it’s not expensive. it’s actually on the cheap side of TI’s if you had done your research.

Why ask such a question? Seriously! Either you were extremely bored and wanted a thread that would get some replies or you actually have no idea in the difference between yoyo materials and their costs to manufacture. That’s not including the raw material costs either.

Plastic=cheap material costs.
Plastic=cheap manufacturing costs
Plastic yoyo=cheap retail price

You can figure out where the rest of this post would go…



That is the best value in a titanium that I have seen on the market. Not to mention that they engraved them, give you color options, packaged them in a useful display case, included an extra bearing, a muli-tool and more. It plays amazing too. If you are into titanium cool, but if not, leave them for people like me to buy instead, and buy those other yo-yos. I own Y-Factors, a Surge, and a Butterfly, and I still want a second Ricochet. I’m not sure what buying one would have to do with buying the other.

In my opinion, hanging out in a store and complaining about prices is just not a good look. Especially, with Black Friday approaching, and the potential to buy that yo-yo for about $160. I can’t imagine where that complaint would come from. A titanium yo-yo for $160 is as cheap as you are going to get. And, a company that made so many that anyone could get their hands on it, not just a select few. Then, to see people still not satisfied. It sounds like titanium is just not for you. :-\

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Or you could purchase 200 Dollar Tree yoyos. Think of your possibilities, bro.


Sounds like the better option for this member for sure. Just ridiculous question in every way. It’s the cheapest Ti throw and plays better than other Ti throws but yet he still had to ask.

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This thread makes me lol already.

Or you could buy 185 1$ yoyos and then become a butterfly.


I may just have to go get a set of those!

Personally, I’ve never heard of the “riochet.” The Ricochet by YYF is a gorgeous affordably priced titanium. Like TotalArtist said, if you can pick one up for $160 (which I did on the National Yoyo Day discount) it’s an even better deal.

^ I almost died laughing. :smiley:

I bought my Ricochet for $143 actually, free shipping, no tax. I believe it was during the July 4th sale. I shopped around and found a bargain…killer.

NICE DEAL! Yeah, definitely worth that price! Heck, it’s worth the $200, it’s just nice when we don’t actually have to pay full price! :wink:

I’ve got one for sale :slight_smile: let’s talk (: !

SNAP!! I’ll PM you. I’m going for another raw…even number preferably, and it has to be around that sale price of $160, cause I think I can get it for that brand new in a week. :wink: