YYF Ricochet thoughts/


Thinking about picking up a Ricochet with the 20% + 10% off sale, I’ve never owned a titanium yo-yo (lots of aluminum, and one magnesium). Is the titanium just a novelty, especially if I’m not going to spark it on concrete? I do like organic throws, but I wondering if I’d be better off just picking up a Cascade or something else I don’t own yet.


I’ve owned a BSP, tirade, ricochet and thrown the tiwalker, tiphiter 2 and sovereign. They’re nice yoyos but the best part is getting to just make it your pocket throw and always being willing to walk the dog with it. The ricochet wasn’t anything mind blowing in my opinion. I’d much rather throw a nickel cascade which I still regret getting rid of.


I had a Ricochet and i really liked it, dead smooth, great with combos. Titanium has a different feel and slightly different sound when spinning but its not all its hyped up to be, the only Ti I have owned was the ricochet but personally i believe the reason for titanium is so you can machine thinner and the ricochet didnt take advantage of that, coyld have do e the same thibg with a 6061 alu throw and be jist as good…

I dobt think you would be disappointed thoufh, esp with paying like $145with both coupons hahah.

The only thing I wish was that I had the blue one instead of the raw silver one, scratches show up really easy on the silver one, just regylar “raw marks” its still mint but just small little scratcges ya know?

Mine was dead smooth though and no you dobt have to spark it to enjoy it, but if you dont mind go ahead and spark, personally i like to keep the resale value incase of an emergency so i wouldbt do anything esp on purpose hahah but to each their own :slight_smile:


I really really enjoy my Ricochet. That being said, it’s more of a novelty than a must own. If you have an 888 or a 44 the Ricochet plays like both of those but with thinner rims and a little more power. With the deal you speak of I think the Ricochet is a great great deal on a titanium yoyo. I am extremely happy with my Ricochet and would gladly purchase another YYF titanium or YYF undersized, organic type throw. I’m just warning you that the Ricochet isn’t anything “new.” In my opinion it is a very well done take on a very common and comfortable YYF design.


I love my Ricochet.  I put my money where my mouth is, and bought it three times over.  I don’t think you’ll throw anything that feels like the Ricochet.  I don’t spark any of my titaniums, and it was every bit worth it for me to buy one, because it plays that good.  If you’re into fancy designs, you can wait and pay a lot more for another one, or some model you have to fight to even get access to even buy it.  Ricochet has a great titanium feel, at an ideal price, in a quantity that makes it ultra accessible, and it plays great.  I have a bunch of titaniums now, Ti5, Dazzler, 9.06, Sovereign, Hyperion, but the Ricochet is my favorite to throw.  It absolutely blew me away, because it has all the features I love rolled into it.  You only have a few opportunities during the year, to buy one at 20% off (more if you have a mystery pack coupon), so this could be a steal, and worth every penny.  It comes with some extras, and each one is numbered.  I won’t go into all the details, because there’s a long thread here you can check out.  I highly recommend the Ricochet.  It is in my case of mains.  I think it will be there forever too.



Wow that thread is enlightening, and I don’t mean about the Ricochet.


I couldn’t resist it, I saw YYE was down to one blue Ricochet and I’m a very weak man. Is there a 12 step program or some kind of intervention for people like us?


I think you’ll enjoy it. I wonder what number you’ll end up with. I specifically ask for an even number when I buy them. The Ricochet numbers must be low and even, when possible. :smiley: I even named my three, and I call them Richie, Rico and Chet. :smiley:


The blue is so amazing. Prettiest anodizing ever.


Just to confirm, there were 500 total Ricochets right? Not 500 of each color?


1k total.


Really? I wonder if anyone has matching number sets…


YYF said 500 total, but each color is numbered 1-250 so there are matching sets out there.


Its either 1000 total or no matching sets.


One of the most epic argument threads in recent memory. I think the mods cleaned a lot of it up but it was pretty intense.

I like my Ricochet. Would I pay full retail for one now that I’ve played it? Personally, no. However considering I got mine MIB for like $100 it was a great deal.

Still haven’t sparked it yet.


Mine is coming today, I got it for $140 with the YYF sale and 10% coupon so I’m happy with that. Since it was the last blue one in stock at YYE and no-one else seems to have any left either, could I have bought the last blue one ever available at retail? :slight_smile: The world will never know…


Good call. Sometimes if there’s a yoyo that I think I might never be able to get my hands on again when it goes out of stock, I’ll just buy it for the sake of it so I don’t regret it later. Can always sell it on if it doesn’t work out. :stuck_out_tongue:


there were 3 left well now 2 I bought one :slight_smile:


They must have found a couple more, because it was definitely down to 0 when I bought mine. I got my Ricochet today, and it feels Bulletproof (as Titanium should). Smaller than I expected for some reason, but I like undersized throws anyway. I haven’t thrown it much since I need to photograph it for the Museum first, but I like it so far - it is what it claims to be, an organic titanium yo-yo with a really beautiful blue anodize, there’s definitely nothing else like it in my collection.