Cheapest Titanium?

Does anyone know what the cheapest titanium yoyo is?

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The YYF ricochet has gone for pretty cheap prices in the BST.

However, with titanium, you’re paying for quality. As cliché as it sounds, you get what you pay for. If you want the best, you have to be willing to pay for it.

I think other things dictated the price of Ricochet. A lot of them were made, and it’s also an undersized titanium yo-yo. Wasn’t the Sovereign, another undersized, within the same price range? In this instance, I don’t believe if you want the best you have to be willing to pay a certain price. Of all the titaniums I own so far, I would rank Ricochet second, behind the Dream, in terms of preference. I paid the most for Dazzler, but the price does not reflect how much I enjoy the yo-yo.

I prefer not to use the word “cheap,” because I think it has a connotation of not only low price but low quality. The two aren’t always linked. So, I prefer to say “inexpensive.” The Ricochet was the most inexpensive, because I paid $143 for one of my Ricochets. Listed price was $179 with a 20% off sale. You can find Ricochets second hand more easily than a lot of others, because a lot more exist in the first place. If you find one, snatch it up while you can, it’s a great throw, and the best undersized I have ever tried.

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They’re cheap because it’s a YYF. YYFs no matter how good or rare have no trade or sale value.

I respect that. However, the TiWalker also retailed at $200. 90 were made, a decent amount compared to other, more expensive models. I’ve tried both the dream and ricochet, and neither compare in my opinion. I am completely aware that’s a personal opinion.

I guess I’d like to partially take back what I originally said, that you’d have to pay for the best. Back in the day, you could have gotten a TiWalker, new, for $200, whereas a new Dazzler was $600 new. However, if you can find one today, expect to pay $400+ on the secondary market, whereas its counterpart, the ricochet, can be had second hand for just over $100.

I very much agree, those are our personal opinions of those throws.

In comparison to the 90 TiWalkers, there are at least 500 Ricochet out there. There were not a “decent” amount of Ricochet made, but a “lot.” Very few of the owners of the 90 TiWalkers are willing to let them go because they are more rare. The owner of any Ricochet knows that if they part with it and regret it later, they can always find another one immediately. A few Ricochet are still available in stores now, which also affects the second hand price. Someone like me, who bought Ricochet for $143 might sell it second hand for $100, without a doubt. Also, a few Ricochet were given away for free, and if those people sold, they would easily sell it for $100 too. I’d never sell my Ricochets though. :wink: So, I think the price Ricochet goes for on BST second hand has a lot to do with other factors, not quality. It’s a great throw, there are just a lot of them out there.

Recently there was a ti indeigogo campaign.

There was a ti available for 190$ new I think.

I only own the Ti Dream and Ricochet. The Dream was bought on the indiegogo deal, $200 for the Ti, Al, and plastic yoyo (plus some other accessories). Huge value.

The Ricochet was purchased 3rd hand on BST, the original owner sparked it, the second owner polished off the blue ano (which is an aesthetic improvement over a blue throw with grey rims). Still plays great, fantastic undersize throw, performance I haven’t seen in an organic undersize with other materials.

Yes, a lot were made, they weren’t designed to fully take advantage of the Ti (YYF Ben mentioned that in the Ti Dream thread), but, it seems that’s if you want the least expensive Ti, this is the one.


I prefer the aurora over the ricochet for undersized

^ I wouldn’t consider the Aurora undersized. I wouldn’t categorize “undersized” until they get below
the 52-50mm mark.

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Tell that to Catch 22 owners.


Got me there haha. Few exceptions to the rule of course.

Well, that’s basically the only one. Except maybe a 2009 Severe, and possibly some of the special edition 888’s, like the LOTR edition and such.

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Throws from Project Red are still very rare and sought after. I was mainly referring to YYFs now though.

unless it me whos wanting it, then im willing to go big:D

I could add more recent models to the list. 2014 Genesis, and Doomsday 7075 Genesis were out not long ago, and those are always sought after too. The good thing about YoyoFactory, is that they do those rare limited models when they want to do them, but it’s not the majority of their business model. They have moved beyond that.

Honestly, those still don’t hold their value as well as say, CLYW. 7075 Genesis have been sold for fairly cheap, and the bi metal ones as well. It’s near impossible to sell a YYF at retail, even when the throw is mint, no matter how well they play.

Of the current crop of titaniums released in the past month or so the cheapest is the Luftverk Evora when sold direct from them. It will probably be more when it drops at YYE due to the store needing to make money as well… we all want that to happen so that we have a site where we can complain about how expensive titanium yoyos cost. :slight_smile:

The latest three titaniums cost, at the moment:

Evora: $270
CiTIzen: $295
Ti Dream: $300

I recently did a shootout between the three. Here it is if you would like to give it a read.


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Aha! Have been waiting for this, didn’t realise you had finished it already. reads ;D

Nice review! Although the Dream is neither powder coated nor anodized.