Who's getting a Ricochet?

Just as the title says. Are you getting one?

Scooped up a purple one.

I was interested until I zoomed in on the pictures. The engraving looks sloppy to me. If Im gonna spend $200 on a throw, the thing better be flawless.

That purple finish does look beautiful though. I wish they didn’t engrave it!

Only 500 made? Who’s gonna get the one that’s been used in the videos?

I’m assuming that’s 500 sent out into the wilderness. The ones that are sparked in those videos are probably pre-pro or protos given to the YYF team.

I also managed to snag one of the purple ones. Will check in again with my number when it arrives.


I would be okay with just the serial number, but whatever. This will probably be the only chance I’ll ever get to own a Ti throw. Hopefully it’s good.

I sure you’re right about the 500 going to the team and to the public.

On FB YYF said 500 per color…

I would spark it if I got it! Anyone else?

I would dip it in kerosene and then spark it. Something like YOLO ya know?


200 us a pretty good price compared to other TI throws

Well numbers 75 raw and 50 purple was taken out of the box for photos right?

Nice death wish!

I’m just gutted it’s so small. Completely put me off. Shame.

Quit complaining about the price, it’s not like you’re being forced to buy one.

How do you know that I’m not being forced to buy one? Ben has a gun to my head making me press the add to cart button . But I’d rather take the bullet. ;D

I think we were probably the first brand to do it with aluminum so why not with titanium too. Either way, titanium is pretty dense and we weren’t looking to put it where we didn’t need it. Despite the price tag this yoyo is primarily functional.

I’m disapointed I dont have the money to buy it. Whats wromg with that? Its not like there’s an alternative Ti throw i can buy instead.

So… how bout them dodgers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mostly, I’m disappointed with the size. I looked at the specs, said Titanium 888, and started lurking on the forums.

Maybe it doesn’t play like it, but I really didn’t want another undersized like this.

I’m excited to see the other things you put out in this wave. :slight_smile: Keep it up!