Best place to buy Titanium throws?


Just as the title states. Where is the best place to watch for Titanium throws coming up for sale? I posted in the BST here and had no bites so am just curious if should just continue bumping here until get a bite. I have the Ricochet and want others to join it in my collection(of yoyos that are being used). I don’t leave them caged up in boxes.



I think your best bet is BST, or get them as soon as they come out. Most Ti throws are made in single, small runs, so they’re pretty rare, and many collectors own them, people who’d don’t want to give them up. Titanium throws usually stay in one home, but occasionally you’ll see some pop up on the BST. Just wait a bit I say, you’ll probably get lucky.


Oxygene has one coming out soon. See their Facebook to keep track. I know I’ll be ready:


The Oxy TiGE? (See what I did there? ;))

In all seriousness though, that’s a pretty neat looking Ti. I don’t know how I feel about the engraving(?), but I’m liking the shape. Thanks for sharing, TotalArtist!


Hey there, it’s funny you mentioned the engraving.  They left that middle part blank, and then ran a contest, which they promoted on Facebook.  The winner, would have their graphic design put on the center of the yo-yo.  The yo-yo is called the “Hyperion.”  According to Facebook, the first run is only 20 pieces.  There may or may not be a second run.

The best place to buy Titanium throws is  According to Oxy, these will be sold on YoyoExpert.  Buying titaniums seems to require patience.  I’m waiting for them to pop up now myself.  If I hear anything…I’ll let you know


Also, check out this thread, if you are looking for names of past releases:,63201.0.html



That’s a shape I’ve never held for sure. Large step by the gap that “looks” like could be useful for many reasons.


Looks like a titanium Glacier Express to me! I definitely want one, can’t wait!


Yeah it does! I just got my first clyw and had a hard time choosing the chief over a couple others.


Ooh, wide, undercut, AND Titanium? Looks awesome! Too bad it’ll probably be $500+. Anyone have confirmation on price?


Really. About how much are TIs running? $300-500? The ricochet is nicely priced if that’s the case.


Well, the last Oxy Ti was like $500. The Anti-Yo BSP was $375.


Your best bet is going to be to monitor the BST very closely. A lot of people will just post there thread and not look at the others so they won’t even know you’re looking for TI throws. Also checking ebay every other day or so will help and the final thing you can do is make a list of the titanium throws your searching for and post prices of what you’d pay for mint ones. I know several people that don’t post on here because they don’t want to get spammed with lowballs and trades when they’re trying to sell so if you have the price you’ll pay, it makes it easier for them.

I suggest finding one of the kyo titanium throws since he took advantage of the titanium in a unique way. Each of his throws produce a unique musical note like a bell which I think is awesome but his stuff is becoming harder to find these days. I fealt the BSP was a terrible playing throw on the otherhand.


I liked the Tirade a lot. Wish I still had it. I loved the BSP though too…


$375? I’ll get a Ricochet…


There you go! I’ve been telling people who’ve been anti-titanium due to the price, that the Ricochet is great. Not only does the yo-yo play great, but you get a beautiful yo-yo, with a few extras included, for a fantastic price. I wish more people scooped them up for the July 4th sale…they were $159 here, and even lower some places. It was around the price of a Chief or Cliff. If you don’t want to play crazy prices for a titanium, get the Ricochet before it’s out of stock in the Fall.
Ricochet by The TotalArtist, on Flickr
Ricochetb by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


The ricochet is also a yyf … ehh


The thing with the Ricochet, and I think we’ve really, really established this in a few past threads, is that there’s really not any design-related reason for it to be titanium. It just is titanium.

I’m not saying that means it’s a bad throw, but generally, the point of going with a titanium despite its cost is that the design of the yoyo is something that can only be done in titanium. The ability to do super thin walls and play with weight distribution in a way that you can’t with aluminum is the reason anyone cares.

So, I guess what I’m saying is that in my personal opinion, it makes very little sense to go with a Ricochet solely because it’s priced better than other titaniums. It seems like “good value” by comparison, but all you’re really doing is paying MORE for a pretty standard organic design that could be aluminum. I personally don’t get what the Ricochet is really offering. Titanium won’t just magically make a design play better.


Well said.


To those reading this who are wondering, sitting on the fence, I think the Ricochet was designed for someone like myself, someone who collects titaniums anyway to begin with (as of late). It may also be designed for someone who wants to spark it. It may also be designed for someone who wants a more durable throw than they would get in an aluminum. So, there are several reasons the Ricochet is a great throw, and also to add that you are getting a few things I haven’t seen in a titanium. You are getting the color option, you are getting the price, and you are getting a company who had a willingness to try to put 1000 of them in the hands of consumers. Not to mention the extras they are selling along with it. So, that is the reason myself, N8dogg, Stickman, yoyodoc and the OP are enjoying this, because you get all of the above listed…and it plays great on it’s own. To be honest, if that yo-yo played that way as an aluminum, I would pay the same price for it, because it plays that good. Everyone I’ve seen so far in the threads, who actually has one, is enjoying it and considers it money well spent. I bought it during the sale, and paid less than my Chief, Cliff, or Berserker for that matter. Myself, Yuki (I believe) and Yoyodoc either have or are seeking a second one in fact. Stickman, who has almost every titanium ever made, enjoys the Ricochet too. He is the only one I know who can compare the Ricochet to all these designs that supposedly pushed titanium to the limits. I can compare the Ricochet to the Sovereign and the Oxy Ti 9.06. The Ricochet plays as good, if not better than those. Design does not impress me, I want something that looks good, and plays good, so durability adds something special in that regard.

But, the OP already has the Ricochet. I would just recommend he get both colors, or get one to beat up, if he will be collecting these and keeping one pristine. The Ricochet is a great yo-yo, and as for YoyoFactory, they are on fire with that yo-yo, the Doomsday Genesis, and the H.O.T. That Severe was nice too…so I’m all for their next titanium…if there is a next. Or, any yo-yo for that matter.

Get more than one Ricochet. Take it from someone who owns one, if you’re reading this…it’s great! It plays great too. See Yoyodoc’s review or mine in the Ricochet thread in reviews. Or, that of N8dogg or Stickman and so on. It sounds like the OP will just be playing these titaniums, not using them as case queens, but both colors are stunning on that yo-yo. I’m trying to get both. That thing plays so nice and solid, without being heavy, a stable little undersize…totally amazing throw.


I will pose this question on Facebook, and update you if I get a response in that regard. Oxy titaniums have definitely been up there in the past, so not much hope for us…but we’ll see. :slight_smile: The catch is, they sometimes will do a run, and then tweak something like change or add engraving for a second run. If the second run looks better, I may want that one too…but we’ll see. It’s a bit of a rolling of the dice. They seemed unsure about a second run of this too.