We aren't fooling around either.

You picked a fight with the wrong guy.

Titanium Ti-6Al-4V (Grade 5).
Weight - 65.5g
Finishes - TBA
Bearing -TBA
Price - Most definitely under $300USD.






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What? Where’d this come from!?

I’m intrigued :slight_smile:

Nice :))))

This looks interesting…

For those not in the know, Jeff’s previous work in titanium was with the well-regarded and highly-collectible Northern Spin Co. (starting with the Aurora). If he did Ti even before that, we’d have to ask him. Suffice it to say, he’s not a newcomer to the Ti game.

Rather than “where did this newcomer come from, and why are they throwing their hat into the ring with YYF and OD?” it’s more like, “Hey Jeff, welcome back! We’ve been waiting for a new yoyo from you for a while now…!”

This thing looks great. That profile is amazing. I can forgive the huge nipples because they’ll be carrying a nice long axle. Under $300? With OD also hovering around 3 bills I just gotta ask myself… how can I come up with $600? :wink:

I’m getting Titanium hunger Pangs.

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My wallet can only get so empty.

Kinda hope either this or the OD hold off a couple months until I’m moved into my cheaper place. Then again, 3 paychecks in May, so why not? Bring it on!

Now THAT design has my attention! Love the profile on this one. Patient waiting commences

oh yes, looks like i’m buying 3 Ti’s this year lol

Woo hoo! Tax refund, here you go! ;D

is “Luftverk” supposed to be German? Then please rename it to “Luftwerk”. It would still make no sense (“air factory/plant”?) but at least it would read like a correctly spelled German word.

Jawohl :slight_smile:

I’m going to be honest, these specs appeal to me the most out of the 3.

Is this going to be another VSEPR, and look awesome, but never get produced?

This really looks great. It has been a long time since a yo-yo shape whet my appetite so well. It a world where most yo-yo’s are starting to look the same; this one stands out. Great design work.

I only hope you make enough of them so I can get one :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: I know nothing about making yo-yos.

Just wondering, why go with a huge nipple like that? Is a longer axle really needed in a yo-yo? Looks like unneeded centre weight. Not criticizing, just curious.

Machining titanium is very, very costly. The less material you have to cut away, the better, so a chunky large nipple like that reduces a tiny bit of the machining time/cost. Every bit helps.

the shape reminds me of a genesis… i may have just dropped all interest in the other titanium yoyos coming out, just for this one.

“A New Warrior Has Entered the Ring!”

Getting all titanium street fighter in here.

luftverk vs. dream vs. citizen
tiss from something is the incoming challenger :slight_smile:

Two thoughts:

  1. Letter substitution in brand and product names is super-common in English. Not sure about German. But like, the word is “Concave” and the product name is “Konkave”. Come to think of it, the c/k swap is pretty common… Mortal Kombat being another example. :wink:

  2. If Jeff switches to the w, it will be Luf-twerk. Twerk. Nuff said.