Anybody tried the 000?

(Carson Reid) #1

Thinking of buying a luftverk 000 tomorrow, but they start at 300$, so I would like to hear any opinions from anyone who has tried or owns one!


Does anyone have an audio recording of one? I heard it rings like a bell.


I’ve thought about it, but

  • titanium generally isn’t worth it in the big scheme of things, after you have one to experience the novelty of the material… seriously diminishing returns

  • you could buy 3-4 awesome mono or bimetals for the same price, and I think diversity is a much more important aspect to cultivate in a yoyo collection vs. individual yoyo fanciness

Also I’m worried because it looks PURE organic, no response bump, which means it’s gonna be… retro in play style.

(Carson Reid) #4

I would get it as my first titanium, so mainly to diversify my collection a bit. And then to support Jeffrey as the secondary reason, because he’s probably one of my favorite people in the world.

(Carson Reid) #5

Also, what’s a response bump? And what does it do for the yoyo?


It’s that ridge just outside the response area that keeps the string from rubbing on the inner wall of the yoyo. Helps to keep the spin from dying if you’re not precise with your movements due to the reduced surface area coming in contact with the string


I love mine. plays excellent, sounds amazing, looks amazing.
It is a very relaxing yoyo for me. very smooth. If he’s doing the colored ones that’s a bonus.

But I really enjoy my Titanium throws.
My opinion is get it and if you don’t like it they typically sell easily for close to purchase price.


Training wheels for a yoyo. Jeff has been around for a while and his designs reflect it!


If I hadn’t just bought a Ti Hawk I’d be all over this one

({John15}) #10

The TiHawk actually looks more appealing to me than the 000

({John15}) #11

Look at the gap, this yoyo has a response bump

And this one does not

(Carson Reid) #12

thanks smitty! if i were to get one, i plan to get an AMS one, then if i dont like it, put it up on the BST for trade for another minty AMS luftverk, cuz i decided that i’m going to have at least one AMS luftverk in my collection.


if you were close by you are welcome to try mine.


So you been corresponding with him? He’s getting ready to put some AMS versions up?

(Carson Reid) #15

Nah, he’s been posting on his Instagram, they drop tomorrow.


I need to follow him…

Edit: Done. Those all look sooo SWEET!!!


Anyone ever play the UltraMatte finish? How does it resist dings and scuffs?

(G2 Jake) #18

I think that’s part of its draw. You can see in the photos they already have scuffs

(Carson Reid) #19

They’re not scuffs, the finish patinas due to the oil in your hands over time, like nickel.

(Rock Shouse) #20

Did he say patina’s?
Well my advice sir is to pick-up a cheaper titanium on the BST first to see if paying $300 is worth it for you? If you like it…then you can zero-in-on that special Ti when the time comes…and their will always be new jojo’ to buy! No doubt!
Keep on throwing!