Anybody tried the 000?

(G2 Jake) #21

I guess it looks like scratches to me.

(Carson Reid) #22

i picked an AMS one up, there’s still root beer and cream soda up on the store! (P.S. the AMS one sold out in TWO MINUTES. :exploding_head: SO LUCKY to have snagged one!)

(NickSaboo) #23

$300 is a lot for a yoyo. I love organics and the sounds yoyos make are one of my fav parts so i bought a raw one n aug and got ultramatte last night. Still some rootbeer ones up. No smoof groove is nice as it makes this a very sensitive yoyo with the kost proper binds. Will also check your execution n help tighten up your tricks.If your curious how it sounds heres a link to a clip of me throwing one


I don’t have any titanium throws yet but I got a pink 000. Can’t wait to try it out.


Nice, post a review with pics in the #yo-yo-reviews category when you get a chance!


Will do.


@Nicksaboo that’s a great demo of one of the funnest things about titanium… the music you can make while “playing” them! Loving your studio by the way :rofl:


I debated getting the Ultra-Matte but I really like anodized titanium. I had a gear shift knob of anodized titanium and it looked great so I got the pink 000. I would be really curious to hear what you think of the Ultra Matte.


Pink for me also :+1:

Root beer still available


So glad you got one! I did too!

I really need to sell some yo-yos…


OOOh man, the Ultra Matte and ceramic C bearing, my vocabulary can’t even comprehend.


My AMS was delivered, but I’m out of town, so I’ll have to wait until Monday to try it!

edit: I think my Oak Harbinger came too!

(Carson Reid) #33

Is it vibey at all? Mine is a fair bit vibey-er than I thought it would be for 350$. And it’s not tuneable, either.


Titanium’s tend to have a bit of vibe with them from what I have played and heard.


Honest opinion is I’d contact the manufacturer and send it back. For $350.00 it shouldn’t have anything that would be considered “a fair bit vibey”.


It looks so soft. I want to pet the yoyo.


Probably not the popular opinion but I don’t like the look of that finish at all. It looks like a failed experimental finish.


It wouldn’t have been my first choice but im guessing the appeal is that it’s supposed to develop a patina of some type


@Exmime how does it feel in the hand?


That’s not an exact quote. He might mean that it shouldn’t have any vibe for $350… Still you’re right, if it it bothers him, he should contact Jeffrey.