Anybody tried the 000?


Well that’s why I quoted him in my post. :slight_smile:

And I feel his statement qualifies for my use of “anything that would be considered…”.

(Carson Reid) #42

The only reason I haven’t is because even if I sent it back, I wouldnt be able to get a different AMS 000, and a slightly vibey one is better than no one to me.


It feels very smooth similar to a diamond blasted finish, and it rings when you touch it. Mine has no vibe. It shipped with the stainless bearing in it . The bearing seat was a little tight and I had to use a YYF bearing tool to remove it. I get why the AMS finish would be more popular cause it is shiny and luxurious looking. The matte is crazy cause the light doesn’t bounce off it at all, it looks like concrete.


I’ll have mine soon. I’ll let you know what I think.

I know you might feel reluctant to contact Jeffery, because you like him and want to support him. However, I think it would be a good idea to just ask him if it’s normal. It might have slipped by testing somehow. Also, you never know what he has pulled aside to swap out for you.

Also, you might try a different bearing, sometimes that can make a difference.

If mine has vibe, we can half swap to see if that helps! :laughing:

(Carson Reid) #46

I’ve already tried both of the bearings it came with + a ceramic Delta cut terrapin, and the full ceramic makes it spin the best, but there is still a barely feelable amount of string vibe and some decent nail vibe.

And while he may have something interesting set aside for if someone complains, he won’t have a replacement, or something that would make the yoyo vibe less. Which means in the end, im getting something for free at his expense, which after reading his blog posts, I wouldn’t want to do to him. He’s already incredibly busy and financially tight, so to make him “pay” out of his pocket for an unhappy customer isn’t something that’s worth the stress it would put on him. The yoyo is good enough for me.


Of course that is your call. For me, I just think if you’re going to sell a product, you have to assume the risks, and take the responsibility for your product, especially one that goes for such a premium.

My mind goes to G2 and A-RT. Neither of them are big players, but they take their knocks, and inform about their products.

A-RT gave a heads up that their powder coated 420s had vibe, and ended up not selling a good portion. Also, they warned of possible vibe with the Quail, because of the A-bearing. Mine seems pretty darn smooth…

@G2_Jake is constantly lamenting that he has to B-grade or trash yo-yos.

I remember with Jeffrey, he ended up making the anodized Tundra B-Grade for vibe, and has deemed many others B-Grade. It may have slipped by, and he might not have intended to have it go out.

Again, these are just my opinions, and I’m not judging you in the least!

To be honest, I might have a hard time complaining as well. I have had the same kinds of feelings. However, I’ve found that the response to an issue is often one of gratitude, because they want to have the best examples out representing their brand.

I’m really curious about mine, now!

(Carson Reid) #48

thanks for the feedback! everything here makes good sense, so i guess i’ll send him an email? is it okay if i post it here before sending it to see if there is anything i should change?

(Carson Reid) #49

heya jeffery, its carson from facebook! i just wanted to say that i’ve tuned it and tested different bearings in it, and while i can almost eliminate all the string vibe, the 000 still has much more nail vibe than i would expect from such a premium product. so i simply wanted to ask if nail vibe was normal with this particular run of AMS yoyos, and if it was not a common issue, if there is something i or you can do to help solve this?

thanks for your time,

-carson reid of pantheon throws


It may be that you end up just happily keeping the yo-yo, but at least this way Jeffrey knows about it, and you’ll get some kind of answer.

I’ll be sure to let you know how mine is!


Mine’s vibey also. But I have the pink 000.

(Victor) #52

In general, I believe people tend to feel very differently about vibe. I find my 000 to be pretty smooth, but from what I’ve read, that might be purely subjective. I tried uploading a video here, so you and others can compare, but unfortunately we can only upload pictures. If it’s very “vibey,” as you seem to think, that’s definitely not normal. But like others have said, titaniums tend to have some vibe.

If you’d like, I could send you the video I recorded. Just send me a private message with your email address.

(Carson Reid) #53

he emailed me back saying that more often than not, non-raw titanium will have some degree of vibe, but that whether it is string or nail is kind of a toss up. although it is definitely weird to me that i had to email him to get that info, and that he wouldn’t just put it up on his website as a disclaimer kind of thing like most other manufacturers do. is your 000 a raw or a coated one?

(Victor) #54

He certainly could’ve had that information on his page, yes. I suppose it’s because most people expect to get a little bit of vibe with their titaniums that he neglected to do so. I was never really concerned about vibe. I appreciate a smooth yo-yo like everyone else. Yet I find smoothness to be one of the most overrated qualities a yo-yo can have.

When you’re paying that much money for a spinning toy, however, you’re definitely entitled to a premium quality product. So, I can definitely understand your disappointment in this matter. Having a disclaimer could have easily solved that problem. Perhaps, he will add one in the future.

I have the AMS, and while it’s not dead smooth, it doesn’t seem to have what I’d call a “vibe.” Maybe that’s because I’m lucky or maybe I don’t really care about vibe. I’m not sure.

Now, if it’s affecting performance, you should definitely return it. Coated or non-coated, there’s no excuse for something like that. Otherwise, I think you’ll forget about vibe as you play. I think, it’s a pretty good organic yo-yo, at least one of the best I’ve tried.

({John15}) #55

You should share this in the unpopular yoyo opinion thread!

(Spinworthy Glen) #56

On average, 1 in 4 of my wooden unresponsives come out right. Sometimes I may have four in a row turn out fine, but this is rare.

Wooden runs are an even bigger nightmare than metal.

(Spinworthy Glen) #57

I really like organic yoyos, but I’m not so sure I’d pay $300 for one :thinking:.

If I pay that much, I want pure performance.

(Victor) #58

Hahaha! I actually thought about it, but I chickened out. :rofl:

Edit: You know what? I’ll do it. They’ve gone a little off topic there. :wink:


Yeah, but I’m not really interested in another pure performance yo-yo. You could argue that there is no need for such a costly yo-yo, then. However, I’m hoping to enjoy some of the other qualities: the AMS finish, the bell like tone, an organic with extra horsepower.

Also, I share @WickerWraith 's sentiment of supporting cool people doing cool things.

(Spinworthy Glen) #60

So this yoyo is confusing me. From what I see the weight distribution is as even as possible.

That begs the question; why use titanium for the material?

Also, how about those sharp edges?.. Hurting, anyone?

(Carson Reid) #61

no, actually. the edges are on the outside and its fairly large, so your fingers almost never even go close to them. and then the weight distribution is only relevant after you actually have the weight right. and if you were to change the material, you’d have a weight that’s too low, therefore requiring you to change the profile, therefore changing the weight distribution.