Anybody tried the 000?

(Spinworthy Glen) #62

Hmmm… :thinking:

Yeah. Not convinced.

(Spinworthy Glen) #63

Hang on… Are you kidding?

There hasn’t been a single yoyo I’ve played where my fingers don’t go near the edges…


Incorrect. If you just walk around holding the yoyo; possibly?

But when the yoyo is in play; there are many opportunities to ‘come in contact’ with the edges of the rims.

Jeffrey was going for the minimalistic design. As he said, ‘Clean the slate and start over’.

As an ingredient of the minimal mode; not rounding the edges was deliberate so as to keep with the ‘theme’ of the yoyo design.

Kinda like when the Movado watch first came out many, many years ago: 2 hands, black face, no numbers. Just one small diamond. Simple …

The 000 is straight forward simple.

I feel Jeffrey May have been a little too successful in achieving his back to basics vision.

The outer edges of the 000 are way too edgy. Almost sharp. Your face and knuckles’ new best enemy.

May mean nothing to you now. But you will have a better understanding; when your luck runs out and you meet those edges at the point of impact. Don’t get me wrong. Any yoyo can give you a knuckle sandwich.

But the 000 is ‘in that special group’. It’s part of the, ‘Wow; I didn’t realize how much that would actually hurt’ group.:scream_cat:

I made a post years ago… it was called the Yoyo comfort Squeeze test. What you do is get a sharp edged yoyo in one hand. Get a similar size yoyo; minus the sharp edges in the other. Squeeze both yoyos in your hands; like you are trying to dent a doorknob. Hold the pressure for about 15 seconds. Sit the yoyos down and immediately look at the palms of your hands.

The ‘edgy’ yoyo will actually leave very deep lines in your palm. The rounder yoyo won’t.

Even though it would have slightly strayed away from Jeffreys’ minimalist theme; I don’t think the edges should have made it into the final design.

The edges should have been relieved in the proto stage.

When I used to lecture on Car Painting; the very first thing I would say upon entering the Classroom was, ‘Anything short of doing something right; is doing it wrong. It’s not what you do that helps you as much as what you don’t do; will come back to haunt you’.

I will do the squeeze test; using a 000 in my left hand and an Akita(a much better yoyo at less than half the price) and add the images to this post.

When in doubt; round it out…

PS… please understand that it took me 15 seconds of squeezing to get the results you see above. But if(hopefully not) you smack yourself in the head or knuckles(at speed) your results will appear much faster immediately after impact🙀.

Hey; it’s a fun yoyo to throw. It just has some UFC cage match potential built right into it😳


Well said, to me this is filed under “doing things in an old school way just to be old school… ain’t necessarily the best approach to design”. I was already concerned when I saw no response bump and exaggerated organic layout. To me this one is more of an art project.

(Spinworthy Glen) #66

A very unnecessarily expensive art project. Seriously, an even weighted titanium yoyo?

Rather a wasted use of titanium.

I don’t mean that the yoyo is bad or anything, it would play very nicely, I just mean that from a weigh distribution perspective, titanium wasn’t necessary.

(NickSaboo) #67

It does not have an even weight distribution. Vibe is irrelevant af especially fingernaik vibe. Drive me crazy that people get upset about fingernail vibe it dosent matter…both my 000 the raw and the ultramatte are 100% worth it. I feel it was made for people like me who love yoyo sounds n just wanted a premium yoyo that could withstand edc abuse.titanium actually interacts with string diffrent and the string grips to walls a little different then aluminum making for more control on binds and being able to stall yoyo during slow rpm it will last for years n years. Not to mention i like supporting artist I admire. Smooth on the string is all that matters n that is also irrelevant to me because it dosent effect play and feels.if you dont like fingernail vibe dont put your fingernails on it. But just my opinion love you guys :heart::blush::vulcan_salute:

(NickSaboo) #69

Thia design would not have been possible on aluminum the walls get extremely thin on this jojo. Yoyoing is personal preference one kf my favorite parts os no smooth groove. Mine might have fingernail vibe but idk because im to busy shredding instead of holding my fingernail to a yoyo

(Carson Reid) #70

yeah, i agree about the fingernail vibe thing, but if it has any kind of string vibe, then i notice it. and the yoyo has just a little bit of string vibe, which irritates me even more than if it had more vibe, because i keep thinking i can tune it because its so little, then i go full OCD on it for like 3 hours, and the end result is still just as vibey.


Thanks for putting up that image. Gives a much understanding of both the weight distribution and those sharp outer corners.

The first image and this last image give a clearer idea of the halves without the ‘edges’. The difference in feeling in hand and feel on the catch is Amazing. <>. :nerd_face:


I would say the 000 compared to the Bowl. The Bowl is more evenly weighted and has thinner rims. The 000 spins slightly longer with noticeably more stability


So what you’re showing us is that you polished the edges on yours?


Jeff; if you don’t pay attention; you aren’t gonna pass your final.

If you look closely at the top image; you can clearly see that I removed the corners. That was the point of the image.

I chucked the halves up in a 12” Logan lathe and cut the edges off.

I have been known to do things like that.

I would love to see the polish that would remove the corners off Titanium; lolol.


Excellent job smoothing out the edges. I like the look.


I was thinking the same thing if you mean the Grail? He made the official Ti-Peak, this may be the unofficial Ti-Grail.

Unfortunately my Grail is only a faint memory. @yoyodoc, how do they compare play wise?

@WickerWraith, I almost hate to tell you, but mine is perfectly smooth.

I can see where the edge could do damage, but it’s comfortable in the hand to me.

I haven’t decided how much I like it yet. I’m still getting to know it.


I just noticed the white bearing.
I stuck one in mine as well. Stock bearing is good, but the full ceramic helped for me.


The bearing seat on my AMS one is not tight at all with the SS bearing. It pulls right off. the Ceramic is tighter. I’m using the SS right now, it’s quiet.

(Joshua) #79

Yeah actually looks like they prepped and tooled up for magnesium.


Could probably take a chainsaw file to it haha. Also finger nail vibe is the worst kind of vibe. Vibe of any kind indicates an issue with the balance of the yoyo, but finger nail I’ve found to actually affect the performance of the yoyo.


Errrr… what? That doesn’t sound right to me per What is yo-yo vibe and how do I test for it?

(Spinworthy Glen) #82

Titanium really isn’t necessary to achieve that weight distribution.