Anybody tried the 000?

There was a yoyo called The Bowl, released about the same time as the 000, by Elvin Lim (@yoyophotographs) on the Facebook YoYo BST.

The Bowl feels lighter and floatier, with a higher pitched ring - think bicycle bell rings.
000 plays faster and heavier, with a lower pitched ring - almost like a mini gong.


Thanks, I did stumble upon the “Bowl” on IG. Thanks for the details.

Those walls get really thin… Regardless, I couldn’t care less about that.

This yo-yo has been interesting for me. When I first got it, I was a bit “meh” about it, but I couldn’t seem to stop playing with it. The more I’ve played with it, the more I like it. I think it’s a wonderful yo-yo: looks wonderful, sounds wonderful, and plays wonderfully. It hasn’t cemented a spot in my all time favorites; yet, but the sum of it characteristics make it special in my mind.

I find the “sharp” edge a non-issue. It does have a bevel… It feels comfortable, and I think it’s all a matter of degrees.

@WickerWraith, I guess you didn’t care so much for yours? What ever happened with the vibe issue?


I got a refund of 50$ on it and probably pissed Jeffrey off because he stopped responding to my emails after the refund… Just my luck

But I do love how it plays, which is why I kept it. Mine really doesn’t ring almost at all actually, and I am now confident that it’s not just me and that the 000 I received actually shouldve been B graded, because you can actually do a blind test and tell which half of the yoyo vibes MORE, which means that the bearing seat or something to do with the axle has been damaged and gone off-plane.

But all that aside, I do love the AMS finish, and how it plays in general is beautiful. For some reason it excels specifically at Regen combos, and always binds tight and easily, but without being snaggy. And then everything else is too subtly unique to really put into words.


If that’s the case, I hope he comes to realize there is no reason for that attitude. You did nothing wrong, and showed your good faith in his product with a large sum of money. He should accept responsibility for his product. I understand he’s not getting rich off these toys, but he’s selling a product , and we all have our own financial situations to consider.

At any rate, none of us can truly know how someone else really feels, or what all might be going on in their life, so we can always give him the benefit of the doubt.

Glad you’re enjoying the 000, though! Have you received the Tundra, yet?


Not yet, getting shipped out Tuesday though. Super excited, but super anxious that it might be a bit vibey as well! Hopefully because it’s a different run with a longer axle that shouldn’t happen, but still… my luck is CLINICALLY bad…

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I don’t know, I’ve heard such great things about that yo-yo. If you get it, and love how it plays, you’ll want to keep it. Even it it has some vibe, you’ll probably forget about it and just enjoy the yo-yo.

I have the Rook, and bought the Castle. The Castle is an amazing player! However, it was so much like the Rook, I decided I couldn’t justify keeping both. I ended up deciding I like the Rook better, even though it has a little bit of vibe!

I think part of it was that, I knew I could get my money out of the Castle, whereas I’d have to take a bit of a hit on the Rook (The rook also has some wear.), but really the vibe ultimately didn’t seem important for the actual play of the yo-yo.

The frustrating thing about the Rook was that I think it was smooth when I got it. I remember getting a couple of axle knots, going to undo the yo-yo, and the yo-yo was screwed so tight together that I’d end up just digging the knot out instead! Finally the bearing needed some attention, I took it apart for that, and that’s when it started vibing.

After I thought about it, I decided maybe I should screw it together tighter than I usually would. I did, and that really helps. It just about gets rid of the vibe. I figured it being Ti, it can withstand quite a bit of torque.

The axle is so short on the 000, that I’m not sure about treating it that way, though!?

I think I’m the same way, and sometimes I even worry that if I sell a yo-yo that I think is fine, the buyer will say, “This thing has vibe!”

Anyway, we’re all different, and I guess vibe really bothers you (or maybe it just does when you pay so much!), but maybe you can suspend that feeling for the 000, and possibly the Tundra, and try to think of it as just being characteristic of those yo-yos. I do admit the vibe really bothered me at first with the Rook, but I still love it, and the overall play of it has helped me forget about the little bit of vibe.


Tried a 000 recently and really liked it. I’m not in the market for any new titaniums right now, but I would 100% recommend it to anyone that is!

Also, some breaking news - We’re going to have Jeff on soon for a Forum Chat so get your questions ready!


If you haven’t tried it, I think you could. Ti is so strong, I think you can safely crank it down harder than a 6061 Aluminum yo-yo, especially one with a short axle. Maybe ask @jeffreypang911. We should have “@ed” him earlier in this thread…


After some research, the finish is like velvet, if you’re interested in the purpose of the finishes (not all are aesthetic) drop me a DM.

The trip will only have the deeper round tonal qualities of a gong, if you knock or flick the yo-yo while both sides are free of touch, without holding it. However if you were to hold one side of the Trip 0 and flick it, the yo-yo will produce a higher frequency chime.


Yes, it is however with the term “weight distribution” its more for the physics in design. Unless drawing on napkins explaining my yo-yo idea to Jackie at FPM. The goal is mass dispersion and maniupulation. As mass becomes weight once the material is chosen. If the right material is available and affordable, there are four density, ductility, and tensile strength are just the tip of what would be different if this was made to specs with any other material. You’re pretty well educated and I enjoy reading your comments, I’m sure you’re more tied in than most however, without knowing the specific properties of the material used (not a general) grade 4 t5 in which alpha -molT~ and 17 other sub categories of variants specific to the utility it is used for. Such as [Ti-0.3-Mo-0.8Ni], [G23 – Ti 6Al-4V ELI], 6Al-2Sn-4Zr-6Mo, and two phase with less ductility 6Al-6V-2Sn which yields hardness of Rockwell C 36-38. Jeff would be daft to give the specifics or the atomic mass dispersion. You’ve used titanium, and familiar with the grades. Titanium concepts which push the limits of the material, are concepts I don’t buy. In fact when I see the designer is trying to get to the golden ratios we project which was built off of archaic methods and material or worse promoting it, it eludes to their inexperience with these metals us throwers put on a throne. Example being classifying 6061 aluminum, 7075, 7068, and (general commercial grade 2-3 titanium - and specifically - mills down to .57 or .5 wall thickness. It doesn’t take much to achieve weight distribution its done in plastic. AL6061 is rarely used in aerospace, and has been less and less since the 80’s. So sure, if we took a check list and went down the line for materials used during the first PUSH of NASA I’m sure you could blindly reach out and touch something that was on those crafts. As a designer that isn’t the first thing i’m trying to wrap my head around, its balance. Jeff did push the limits when he designed the Fulvia Bi-Metal titanium model and he felt the sting of what it takes to push the limits of weight and the anterior wall thickness as he scrapped proto after proto until he was able to tool up to achieve the desired result. It takes many many fails to find the specific alloy and process and grade to produce a material that is specific for the play style and feel. If the 000 was made in 6061 it would act like a completely different animal. -sorry about the format, and errors on this, from my phone.

Jacky get mention 2x

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