YYF Northstar or YYJ Phenomizm?


Hey Guys!
I am trying to decide between getting a YYF Northstar or YYJ Phenomizm.
What would you Reccomend? Tell me your thoughts on each yoyo.
-Cody Wright

(Matty#14) #2

I have a Northstar, and throw it more then my EJ Peak, 888, p2, and Dv888. Its amazing for a plastic. Some say its like a Protostar, but it feels and plays nothing like my friend’s. The plastic feels “different” i guess. I cant explain it, but its well worth the 40 dollars. Shell it out now, before they are gone. but with over 300 left, that isnt soon. My one rap on it, is that it is very obviously plastic, and i dont like that feel for whatever reason. I like celcon though. :smiley:

The Phenomizm is great too. Has a metal feel and influence that the Northstar doesnt have. Most likely from the metal rims… :stuck_out_tongue: It plays great, and feels extremly solid. Moreso then the Northstar and equal to a normal metal. The one i threw at worlds twisted apart on my first throw, but besides that, when it stayed together, it was impressive, and just as worth the 66 dollars as the Northstar is 40. I only didnt pick one up because b grades were calling my name… :-\ Its a great value, with metal performance, plus element of plastic, and a stock KK. Which is always nice in my opinion.

You seriously cant go wrong with either, but I would say the Northstar. Its cheaper, but just as good, if not better. Both are smooth as can be, stock with string centering bearings (can be good or bad), and are capable of every single trick you can try, or do.


If the Phenomizm was cheaper, I’ll get one.

But since the Northstar is cheaper, get a Northstar.

(laxdude99) #4

I have a northstar and it is an amazing throw but very similar to the protostar so if you Already have a protostar then i would go and get the phenomizm but it is based on preference

In closing get the yoyo theta fits your preferences and you want

~ laxdude99