Phenomizm by Yoyo Jam



Great review man. No criticism from me this time.

I used to want a Phenomizm; in fact it was at the top of my list to obtain. I really expected you to have great things to say about this yoyo. After watching your review it has been removed from my list…I haven’t had many pleasurable experiences with YYJ…I own a DMII that I enjoy…but not nearly as much as my other yoyo’s.

Thanks for the honest, unbiased review man.


You are so welcome dude. I am sorry I had to crush your wants of wanting the Phenomizm. I just do not want people to spend $65.00 on this throw, when they can get a much better yo. Yoyo Jam use to be the stuff to me, now not so much. I remember When I got my orginal DM in 2005, it was the best yo after putting shims in, flowable silicon, and a Kon Kave bearing. If the Phenomizm was like $40, I wouldn’t feel so bad about it and it comes with Kon Kave, which is cool. I actually took the KK bearing and put it in my Raptor.


Vibe smibe, there are lots of 100 dollar yoyos with vibe. Otherwise it was a good review but ‘throw’ was overused.


I understand what you mean.


Don’t be sorry man. We need more reviews like this…honest and too the point. You do a great job man…sorry I was so harsh on your last review…just trying to be helpful.

I love how honest, and to the point you are; some people expect a review to be tailored to them but it’s just not possible…the reviewer is going to have only their own opinion on the product and you’re not scared to flaunt that.

I can’t wait to see more reviews. I’d like to see one on the Northstar if you ever get a chance. I was disappointed with the Protostar (it broke in 3 days and I’ve seen many others break in a short amount of time) not to mention it feels very hollow…anyway. I don’t want to have the same experience with the northstar. It looks like a solid carry around.

Im looking forward to your next review. Subscribed.


GunstarHero, here’s my review of the Northstar :,21684.0.html


How much for it?