Yuuksta VS Phenomizm

So, sorry for me recent thread saying which 100$ yoyo because now, I am kinda know that my parents are going to buy me a new yoyo. And I think it’s not going to be over the $65 group.

EDIT: Narrowed it down to Yuuksta and Phenomzim.

Yeah, so give me some info. I know that Yuuksta is great full metal and I’m probably going to buy it if not many opinions show up.

I know it’s all preference but I like plastic so I would think the phenomizm or northstar.

yeah i like the yuuksta just got mine three days ago and it is great. I don’t like the H shape but I don’t mind

How’s the shape? Like how is it not so good? Are the fingers mis-placed? Do the fingers feel uncomfortable?

Phenomizm is a perfect sized smooth plastic, while the yuuksta is a small smooth metal.

phenomizm was my 2nd yoyo, and I loved it. The shape is amazing.
Haven’t tried a yuuksa, but H shaped throws are pretty nice too

Yeah, so now Phenomzim VS Yuuksta…

I have a yuuksta . plays great and very smooth on the string.

You can’t compare apples to oranges. They are pretty different as yoyos. Just pick one and hope it works out

I’m asking which one is smoother, more grindable, feels well etc.

But so far noone has compared their smoothness, grindability, feel etc.

the yuuksta definetly grinds better cuz its full metal and not the plastic/metal thing with the phenomizm. the yuuksta is very smooth and great rim weighted, the problem i have with the phenomizm is that it plys pretty much like the other bimetals but its way more expensive. the yuuksta’s shape is very nice it fits in ur hand good and i love the kinda weird h shape it has…

the yuuksta ftw

I knew Yuuksta would win. I’m proud of the Yuuksta. Hahaha, jkjk.

yeah, if you’re going for grinds, you’re pretty much always better off with a metal yoyo. grinding my g5 compared to my phenomizm isn’t even comparable.
haven’t actually thrown a yuuksta though, so not sure about how smooth it plays.
and H shape yoyos always feel pretty nice. :slight_smile:

Yuuksta, the phenomizm does not play that much different then other bi-metals and is not worth the $60 IMO.

I like the phenomizm more since its a lot easier to work with
They are both really smooth and pretty good but the yuuksta tilts for me a bit more

have you considered the dv888 or northstar?

I have a Northstar and a Raptor which is claimed to be more prefered than Dv888. I got that now.

And what do you mean by, that the Phenomizm is easier to work with?

I just played with my best friends yuuksta. It is simply amazing. Very very smooth, very fast and floaty. I will probably be getting one. Be warned though, it is undersized, and if you have never played an undersized before, it is pretty freaking small lol

I am aiming for a small yoyo hehe. Cause all my yoyo’s are called “full” size. And I think I’ll like undersized more because, well, I can already feel it in my hands!! jkjkjk :stuck_out_tongue:

O.K., I’ll get the Yuuksta then. Thanks everyone for all your help! ;D

I’m gonna have to go w/ Yuuksta. If it plays even remotely similar to a Genesis, it’s a keeper :slight_smile: