so im thinking about buying the jensen kimmitt northstar.

who can tell me how the play on it is?



(laxdude99) #3

Great my favorite plastic

(Matty#14) #4

UnFREAKINGreal. Thats how it plays.


Some people have said that the Phenomizm plays better than their protostar, and since the Northstar is similar to the protostar…


Been thinking about getting one my self hear they’re amazing well hope that you find the right yoyo.

(Lets Yo ^^) #7

Is there a difference the two colors of the northstar?
Cause i heard they were different on play


They sould play the same.

(Matty#14) #9

Keyword. SIMILAR. My friends protostar plays, feels, and pretty much everything else, is different from my Northstar. The Northstar plays lighter to me then the protostar. Which is funny cause it weighs more. Anyway, the northstar is better then the Phenomizm, which I threw at worlds. I liked it alot, but I liked the Northstar enough to chose it over a b grade Superstar, Skyline, C13… Yeah.
Also, have you used them both? I dont believe you can say how something plays if you havnt used it. I cant say how a Genesis plays, so I wont reccommend it.


ive got a Dv888 right now and its an amazing throw im just looking into getting my next throw and ive heard good things about the northstar.


I love my northstar! Don’t hesitate to buy on! I have a protostar on the way just because I like it so much. I have a dark magic II and hate it, the yyf platic is way better. I like it as much as my superstar, and for the price I like it more.


my friend has protostar and ive thrown it a couple times and enjoyed it alot. i figure since the northstar is based off of it that it will play either about the same or better.


they play indescribably good you won regret spending $35 on a throw that should be at least $100 or at least i didn’t :wink:


Umm… Yeah. It’s called preference. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the Northstar better than the Protostar. For some reason. I don’t even know why… The Northstar is just… better I guess.


The Northstar is awesome! I’ve got the Protostar, and the Northstar, while similar to the protostar, is just better.

(Joshhh) #16

my northstar has a strong, play affecting, pulsating vibe. FML. had it less then a month.