Ti Vibe Or Not Ti Vibe

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forgive me but the titanium yoyos, tipically, don’t have the slightest vibration … I have four and it goes for each of them (including the Ti-Walker which also has two small dings).
Personally I would advise you to remove this part highlighted…


I have 12 and id disagree with you. All of them I bought brand new and all of them have slight nail vibe. Not even close to noticeable unless doing the test for vibe though, but on the whole id say aluminum (have had well over 100 brand new ones) yoyos have less.


well, I’m curious to understand what the physical explanation is, according to which titanium, worked by chip removal by the same CNC machines that work aluminum, gives rise to objects that in rotation have vibrations that other metals do not have.
If my yoyos in tatanium have a vibration then the ones I have in aluminum also have it … but in both cases this vibration is not perceptible to the naked eye or to tests such as those of the nail.

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Titanium having the slightest vibe on models even with strict QC is a known thing, especially anodized titanium and older titaniums (my thinking being tooling and manufacturing has improved over time making this not as common).

Here’s @G2_Jake saying as much while testing TiTritons post-anodize:

He’s mentioned both Titanium Banshee and TiHawk had the slightest amount of fingernail vibe before as well:


assuming that I have the yoyos in my hand and therefore I know what I mean, if we talk about anodizing processes, it is not a problem of the material.
When to the other indication, namely that over time the tools and production processes have improved over the years … I can tell you that the discourse is different and of different origin … what makes the difference is the experience in knowing work on certain materials and specifically, for example, I can refer to those who have been working this metal for about 40 years … specifically the father of a certain Carlo Alberto Menon (Oxygéné) who in his company (Titanium, coincidentally) has specialized in machining and treatments on this metal and one of his “products” were the valves of the 10-cylinder Renault Williams with which Nigel Mansell won the F1 World Championship in 1992 … his son, of course, could count on the experience and knowledge about his father … and his yoyos have always spoken for him (to the point of coining the expression, which became a reference of “Oxy smooth”).
So, honestly, the fact that yoyos in tatanium should have a “typical” vibe is a dogma that I don’t feel like accepting.

moreover, if this feature is a known thing … and given both the high price of the products, and the fussiness of many buyers in terms of vibrations (I am one of them), why have I never read any official
“disclaimer” from any shop or manufacturer?


Now that this sales post has turned into a titanium vibe discussion, here are my thoughts:

I have owned multiple titanium yoyos as well, 5 to be exact (currently have four). All except for one have had vibrations brand new not usually noticable with aluminium yoyos. I have heard of similar observations from other owners of titanium yoyos and manufacturers, so I’m speaking based on my own and other’s experiences. I’m not an expert on machining, but based on some quick research some aspects that affect titanium machining are: “…low thermal conductivity and elastic modulus, high hardness at elevated temperature, and high chemical reactivity.” (Link: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=ved=2ahUKEwiDjIurkIf0AhVvposKHejaAM4QFnoECBcQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ipme.ru%2Fe-journals%2FRAMS%2Fno_23413%2F04_23413_veiga.pdf&usg=AOvVaw3EGNIdC9Rtz9aABUfESfSo)

I’m sure some machine shops are more skilled than others causing variances in quality.


Also in the video posted above the manufacturer of the TiHawk mentions it having slight vibe. That’s what I’m refering to. I’m sorry if I have caused a misunderstanding.


yes but forget the quick searches if there is no type of connection with the type of processing (low thermal conductivity and high chemical reactivity which relates to a machining by chip removal, in a machine with a liquid cooling system? … low modulus elastic in relation to a machining by removal? better, less possibility of deformation and possibility of reduced thicknesses … hardness at high temperatures? titanium on the mohs scale 6, the Widia tool (Wie Diamant) that works it practically 10 …)
Okay, it means that I am a very lucky person … (among other things the Ti-Wayder that I have and that does not vibrate even under the microscope is also anodized!).
I wish you a good sale because the vibration you are referring to is practically irrelevant in the behavior of the yoyo and the fact that they have posted a video where you see a similar vibration will help potential buyers.
To apologize is me, that for a clarification of form I have unleashed a tussle … but I am now famous in this … (I hope at least that useful information has come out of it for some).
A greeting!


It was interesting to hear your insight.


We have been talking about a light amount of vibe this entire time, and out of the 100+ aluminum yoyos I have, only 2 of them have ever had (to me, and im critical AF) no noticeable fingernail vibe. Everyone wants to call their yoyo ‘dead smooth’, but imo this is you lucking out getting a yoyo in the 90th percentile of smooth even considering strict QC. It also depends on how you throw and test a yoyo, and if you consider what is imo still a slight vibe to be “dead smooth”. If I can lightly put my fingernail to a fast spinning yoyo after correcting for my throwing and it has any sort of ‘ththththth’, that is “fingernail” vibe. Most throws have a little of this, but in my experience titanium has more than aluminum. This is me testing with longer fingernails (I dont bite) that extend beyond the cuticle.

Honestly talking about this amount of vibe is laughable, You can’t notice it at all, but I still do the test anyways cause I like to be critical. My favorite yoyos are mostly Ti, but they do tend to have more fingernail vibe in my experience.


But titanium goes ting real good. Aluminum not so much. This is my argument.


No fingernail fibe (only when I add some form of caps or rings)
But it isn’t glass smooth (I’ve only had 1 throw glass smooth, and in my opinion glass smooth and no fingernail vibe are different)(the bearing is usually where glass smooth would fall short of.)
And it is etched

For what its worth…


Have thrown a tivayder and it had vibe. So did a mechabapezilla although the yweti did not.

Of all the yoyos I’ve thrown in over 10 years I think I’ve had under twenty that were 100% dead smooth.

Many people who got the throws from me I considered had vibe said they were glass smooth so I think it just comes to preference.


I’ve never entertained the view that Titanium yo-yos are perfectly smooth because they are made from Titanium…

Any yo-yo can spin a little ‘funny’ regardless of material.

….Some yo-yos may have amazingly powerful weight distribution, yet because the designed is tweaked to within an inch of overload, the yo-yo may vibe a bit because of it. (That is called So good it’s no good).

No material has a lock on flawless vibe free spinning.

Could be 1. Inherent in the design…2. Discrepancies from yo-yo to yo-yo… 3. Bearing seat irregularities… 4. Faulty bearing under load… 5. Maybe need better quality control when assembling to make sure halves match up properly…6. Etc.

I would bet good money that anybody interviewed after competing in a yo-yo contest ever said, ‘I might have won if my yo-yo vibed less’)

I have ‘many’ Titanium and part Titanium yo-yos. At least a few dozen. Only a few of them float on the string.

Bottom line is simple>

If you buy a Ti yo-yo and it comes PERFECTLY vibe free. It wasn’t because it was Titanium. It was you just got one that was vibe free.

Yo-yo material does not insure a vibe free result.

(PS… my above explanation is about new just out of the box yo-yos. Once you start tossing around a new yo-yo, a whole bunch of things can cause a vibe to develop).


I guess you are referring to yoyos made of different materials, not just those made of titanium … that’s exactly what I wrote at the beginning
“If my yoyos in titanium have a vibration then the ones I have in aluminum also have it… but in both cases this vibration is not perceptible to the naked eye or to tests such as those of the nail.”
and that’s what I was referring to … I never said that titanium yoyos, thanks to the use of this material, do not vibrate … but the opposite, that there cannot necessarily be a correlation according to which if made in this metal must necessarily present a “genetic vibration” … in practice and in extreme synthesis I meant this:

p.s thanks @jhb8426 for sharing the discussion …

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I guess I retract my statement. I tested my ti gravity again and I would put it at 9.5/10… its not perfect

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Someone missed the opportunity to title this thread “Ti Vibe or not Ti Vibe”, just sayin’


There is no yoyo ever made that does not have vibration! Every yoyo vibes to some degree. The only difference is the device used to measure the vibration. Touching it with a finger is about as subjective and unscientific a measuring device there is. With a sensitive enough measuring device some amount of vibe will be detected on every yoyo every time regardless of material.

Good vibes everyone…


Maybe when people pay $300 for a yo-yo the hunt for vibe is more investigative.


I subscribe to every word, including punctuation! :+1: