One Drop Valor: A High Speed YoYo Review

This is the One Drop release I have been looking forward to for quite some time. The Valor is One Drop team member Vilmos Zoltan Kiss’ signature yo-yo. I have been enjoying Vilmos’ videos for quite some time, especially the ones shot by Paul Dang. One thing I have said before is that I love the approach One Drop takes when it comes to developing signature yo-yos. They make sure that the player is completely involved in the entire design process so that the signature yo-yo is a true reflection of the player and their style. I can only think of a handful of companies that do this. With this true melding of design and player there is the worry that the yo-yo will not be as accessible to the rest of the community due to it being hyper focused on one specific player’s needs. Whenever I review a signature yo-yo I keep that thought in the back of my head. Let’s see how accessible the Valor is.

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Great review (as I have come to expect from you). I really liked the Valor when I tried it at Worlds. The one Vilmos beought was dead smooth and it played divinely.