Dang new side effects?


Does anyone have pictures of what the a dang looks like with silver or brass side effects of each kind (spikes, dietz, dome, ect…)? I’d like to see what they look like before deciding which to get.


Not exactly what you asked for, but I run mine with black ultralights and twisted type B I had custom made to go with wasp edition. I’ve tried it with different weight SE and decided ultralight is best for me.


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no that helps allot! The guy i got it from has spikes on it now and i actually really like it… tho i’d like to try the ultra lights and maybe domes


they came stock with ultralights. you should definitely give those a go.


The ultralights I found to be a good choice because they don’t mess with the rim/hub weight ratio. Or more accurately they keep the rim/hub ratio at where od originally intended. I found with other SE it was unstable and lacked momentum.

But that’s just my personal observation, others may have had a different experience of course.

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Yeah but i got it off of BST and the guy shipped it with spikes. It still plays amazing, but i want to feel what the throw was originally intended to feel like.


no one has any pictures?


…I’m running gold lego side effects - really nice, not too much difference from the ultra-lights but way cooler looking.



That is really cool looking.

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…love side effects, so easy to customise for an original look and feel - whenever I buy anything One Drop with side effects the first thing I consider is what combo I’m going to go with!


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That’s an obscure Burroughs interzone reference btw.

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…nice pick up Sniffy - Burroughs/YoYos = left of centre!


That’s funny, when I saw the username Interzone, I thought the same thing!


You guys are ridiculous :stuck_out_tongue: so when i get back from a trip im going on im gonna get some brass and silver ultra lights and maybe some silver legos. I have an orange dang i think brass would look pretty nice with it