Side Effects

I’ve been thinking about getting new side effects for my cascade.
I have the stock dome ones on there now, and I heard different ones can really change the way it plays.
So what are some of your guys favorite side effects?

I like the spike

I like ultra lights and code 1 side effects.

I really like the ultra lights on mine. I found it to be most stable.

Cool I’ll give ultra lights a try
thanks ;D

…lego - beautiful!

Wow, that yoyo looks very nice. I dig the “lego” axle. Simple yet different.

But here’s the real question, can you actually attach a lego to it?

Yes you can. Unfortunately, I don’t think they make the yellow ones anymore. But I think the do make silver ones.

Brass ultralights

FOR SURE Plays like a dream

Here’s what I’m wondering: Do the Lego SE nubs fit in the hole on the Ultralights?


It depends on the yoyo. In general, my favorites are ultralights. If I were to choose only 3 it would be:

aluminum ultralights
brass spikes
brass ultralights