one drop yoyo side effects.

do all one drop side effects fit every kind of one drop yoyo or are there different sizes?

Not all one drops are side effecs rally format c and others.

But if its enabled then all sizes are same.

^ The mysterious one is correct.

From Onedrop’s website:

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does the gradient have side effects?

so thats a yes…? haha?

Or, you could simply check out the yoyo details at your immediately accessible online yoyo shop…right here!

Now wasn’t that easy?


where do i find that out I’ve looked but cant find anything

This was text copied from another site>

“Gradient uses the side effect axle system, giving you the ability to make minor adjustments to the weight. Gradient comes with the Spike side effect installed.”

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ok thank you! and the side effects they are all the same size?

All side effects are the same size.