One Drop side effects threaded on only one side?

I ordered a Clique directly from One Drop and noticed they had one type of side effects in green. Since color side effects are hard to find I ordered a set. They came in today. One side effect has a black threaded axil and one does not. My guess is that both should have the threaded bolt. Is that right?

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No. Only one side. You put them together once in the yoyo


They normally only come with one axle and it is a complete system.

You can change them by unscrewing the yoyo and pushing the side effect from the outside to the bearing side. Then, put your new side effect in the yoyo half from the bearing side and screw the yoyo back together.


Thanks. The instruction and video really helped. I always thought they just screwed in. Had no idea it was an axial system. This is the first time that I bought extra side effects and had never changed them before.