a One Drop related question.

so, i know the day is coming when i’ll end up stripping the threads on one of my favorite yo-yos from wear and tear, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not for years, but the day will come. now once this occurs, would it be possible to get the threading replaced with One Drop side effects? cause that’d be the bomb. i guess it would depend on the design of the yo-yo. just asking in case anyone’s done it already or knows who i would talk to.

If you strip the threading in the effects then you will have to either buy new ones or have the yoyo rethreaded to a bigger axle then have the effects rethreaded to that same size.

This might be a good reason to stock up on One Drop side effects. Maintenance!

I have to disagree… I stripped my maverick and a friend stripped his spy pro and I have a tap and die set that I used to re-tap the threads using a 4mm tap and it worked just fine. You can get a cheap tap and die set from harbor freight tool supply for around $20 bucks that will work just fine. Just cuz you mess up the threads does not mean you can’t reset them. “Don’t knock it till you try it!” ;D

Are you asking if a Yoyo with regular axle threading could be modded to accept side effects?

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I believe sniffy got to the real point here. Question did seem to ask if you stripped side effects. I am also curious since I own no side effect throws.

From what i heard, (please correct me if I’m wrong) if you want side effects on a yoyo that is not equipped for them, you can have landon balk mod a yoyo to accept them (I’ve been told that he can mod any yoyo ever created to accept side effects. But i do not know what this requires you to provide him with or how much it would cost. And as for the question of just replacing the axle with side effects, as far as I know that can not be done without major modification to the axle/response area (not quite sure what to call that part of the yoyo) it self.
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How many yoyo’s have you done? I’ve rethreaded at least a 50 or so. I’ve also retapped a few that the threading wasn’t totally ruined. In that case it will work but it will strip easier the next time.

I’m not sure what your question is exactly.
I was just asking if he means he wants to mod a non-se Yoyo to take side effects. I’m pretty sure that’s what he is asking but it’s not entirely clear.

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He’s just asking if you can mod a yoyo to accept Side Effects. And the answer is probably yes if the wall is thick enough to cut a hole like that.

Well put.
That’s what I thought he was asking.

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Most yoyos don’t have enough metal in the hub area to be able to have an actual side effect area machined into them - actually, I can’t think of a single yoyo that does. That said, the right modder could rig something up to make it work - Landon has done so.

Yes, that’s what i’d like to know, and it seems, assuming there is enough matereal in the hub are to work with, that it would be possible. i was asking because the viszilla i bought has side effects and i was like “oh word, so i f i strip the threads drastically all i have to do is replace the side-effects and blam, i’m in busine$$ again.” (anti-yo pun)

Oh. Well if you’re asking can you replace stripped SideEffects with new ones, in a Yoyo that had SideEffects previously, the answer is absolutely yes. Body material isn’t relevant (unless you messed up the body so the se won’t seat or major damage like that. That’s one of the great things about SideEffects.

However if your question was about modding to install se in a non se Yoyo. Jrod provided that answer above your last post. ^

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what i mean is that, if i had a yo-yo with a standard axle, i could, in theory, have it modified to accept side-effects. then i wouldn’t have to worry about stripping the axle, and i could decorate it and change the weight as i saw fit, which, i believe, is the whole point of side-effects.

I missed the problem again… Anything can be done with any yoyo if the right modder does it. Striping a yoyo and needing a bigger axle because of lack of material for the threads will or could cause a problem to add side effects. As long as you can use the right size axle then you can use them. If not you will need a modder to either make you a custom axle with the right size threading for the body of the yoyo and then smaller threading for the effects. OR have the effects rethreaded to take the biger axle. Either way it’s possible.

Quite a few of us seem to be trying to figure out your question so we can be helpful.

Please to select important words:

  1. I want to know if my Yoyo can be drilled out so side effects can be popped in

  2. I want to know if when I strip the current threads, can the Yoyo be re-tapped to fit a new axle, and so therefore please ignore the part of my question that mentions side effects

  3. Somehow none of you guys seem to understand what I’m asking, even though it so clearly is this ____________

  4. Since I mentioned the vizilla in my first post, I was obviously asking if it can accept another set of SE if I strip out that set, and therefore you all need to see the brain doctor.

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No need for the attitude.

There is always a place for self deprecating humor.

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Well I noticed he said stripping the threads on his favorite yoyo. Not side effects. His wording was way off. I love the english language but most don’t know how to properly use it.