One Drop = Tuning Fun


I absolutely love all o my One Drop Yoyo’s. the Side Effect system is a huge reason why. I am convinced that if tried on and didn’t like it then you did not try it with the right Side Effects, bearing, or string.

By adjusting these variables you can create many different combinations and drastically or subtlety alter the experience of the throw. It is as fun for me to tune the yoyo as it is to throw it. :slight_smile:

I want to encourage you guys to play around with changing out and mixing various combinations. The only downside is that once you start you are going to want to try them all!


There is no better feeling than that of a newly tuned one drop with a smooooooottthhhh and fresh 10-Ball installed. 8)

(WildCat23) #3

I can’t agree more. I absolutely love spending 20 minutes getting the yoyo smooth again after unscrewing it.


Ahh, but i just recently discovered how to get OD’s dead smooth on the first try, Maybe after i get it perfected i will post it.

Or i could make you all beg at my mercy!


Sorry i’m in a evil scientist mood…

(H.J.Fras) #5

don’t be that guy



Sorry, if someone helps me embed the pictures I could show you guys.


I like mixing it up with Side Effects.

Now if One Drop only made Changeable Rims too.
Like a Werrd Split Decision with Side Effects…


Make a flickr, insert BB code.


I have a flicker, but for the life of me I can’t get it to work!


I’m officially begging.


Post a link to your flickr


Ok, one sec, let me get some pictures.


When you put the side with the axle in twist it a half turn one way and a quarter turn the oposite way.

With the side with no axle put it in so it is flush with the bearing post seat thingy, (pictures will explain).

And then screw together so that it self seats itself. It may take longer to screw together.

My code 2 is pretty beat, but i once got it smooth with this method, but my benchmark is very smooth ATM.


My flicker.


Didn’t work for me .-.
Seems like a random process


Want to part with that code 2??


In this case, you got very lucky, sometimes you’ll come across a side effect YoYo that doesn’t need tuning, have had a few in my experience.


It is pretty beat, and one of my oldest yoyos, i dont think i could part with it, the catch zone is even faded.


Copy and paste a BB Code. You can find it by clicking on the picture, and then clicking on a box with an arrow pointing outwards from the top left corner.


Like this? by spyxyz, on Flickr

And if you guys are not getting the method to work, try repeating the process with the SE’s swapped.