Tuning yoyos with side effects tips please


Any tips on this to get them smooooth?


Tighten it like any other yoyo.
Then, Keep cranking it. When you feel uncomfortable twisting it, that is close. Lol

They do need tIghten a bit more than other Yoyos, just don’t go Hulk on it. I’ve done this to all my One Drops, and it makes them super smooth.


Really?.. It can handle an absolute ĂĽbertighten?.. You havent damaged any of your yoyos or side effects doing this?


Don’t go crazy with it, but an extra crank is needed.



You can either crank it like samurai stated or manually take out the side effects, turn them a little bit, and put them back in and try again.

I’m not sure if this is true with new side effects since their fit might be tighter but over-tightening a side effect yoyo shouldn’t be an issue because the yoyo halves will rotate around the SE, which is why cranking is a method to tune SE yoyos rather than just taking the SE out and in manually.


So… As long as I can actually turn it, it hasn’t been turned too much?




Ok. So I’ve given it a major cranking. Smoother, but still not really smooth.


The Machinist tried to break one with his very strong hands and it didn’t happen. Not saying it’s not possible, but you it can handle an ubertighten. :slight_smile:


Thanks, da5id! Good to hear it from the manufacturer.


Maybe try swapping SEs to other yoyo halves?


Try a new bearing, if you haven’t tried already. If you’ve done everything suggested here and it’s still not playing smooth it’s probably the bearing.


We get plenty of broken yo-yos sent back, but never a stripped side effect yo-yo. Crank it tight and it should play smooth.


My trick is this. Take the side effect out with the axle in it. Then put it in the yoyo and give it a quarter turn to get it seated properly. Then put the bearing in it and set the other half of the yoyo on top like you were going to assemble it but minus the other side effect half. Then barely screw the other SE onto the axle about 1 full turn. Then pull the half’s out as you twist so that the O-Rings can engage, and screw it together nice and tight.

The key to this is so that the SE without the axle in it can seat itself in the best place possible to make it nice and smooth.

I should make a video about this…


Crank it until its smooth. If its not smooth, crank it more.


Thanks for all your suggestions, everyone.

There’s a lot of good advice here, but in the end, all I needed to do was give the side effects and the holes in the halves a good clean. Now it’s very smooth.


Yes keeping the tapers clean and lubed helps too :slight_smile: Glad you figured it out.


On a side note, the yoyo I was tuning was a 2016 Benchmark W.

I have to say that the weight distribution in it is perfection.


Thanks! Glad you dig it