Throws with side effects causing vibe.

Can you get vibe from the way you screw it in? Just wondering. If so, how can I avoid the vibe ?

Side effects pop in, you don’t screw them. I’ve never had any problems with mine.

Sometimes side effects need to be adjusted slightly. Try turning the side effects a bit and then tightening the yoyo. You can usually get most, if not all, the vibe out.

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He means screwing the yoyo in ;).

Some people here say that the Code 2 (or 1) has vibe if you don’t crank it in all the way. But don’t go doing that.

Actually, make sure you are REALLY screwing it in. Both my code1 and 2 had to be tightened a lot, and it almost felt like the yoyo was about to explode form to much tightening, but it never got stripped or anything. If it does, side effects are 9$

Ok, just wanted to make sure it’s true before I give advise that could bust his OD. Thanks for clearing it up!

I have tightened it as much as I can but still some vibe. Should I loosen bit by bit? Btw this throw is a cascade.

Well, if you have another pair of SE you may want to throw those in. If you have it, try wrapping some teflon tape around the axle as well if the new pair doesn’t fix it and/or you don’t have another pair.

As stated before take out the SE’s and put them in again. Maybe try to put the side with the axle in the other half of the yoyo. Any time you move the SE’s around you will change how the yoyo is put together. My 54 (my oldest SE yoyo) almost 2.5 years old has been taken apart and put back together many many times. Tighten it good… WAY past what a normal yoyo can take. The SE’s were designed to be tightened this way… (the yoyo can take it)…

You can lead a horse to water but… :wink:

Yes maybe I should have been clearer.

Remove the side effects
Rotate them from the current orientation and pop them back in.
Switch the side effects into the other halves of the yoyo.

My first side effect yo vibed a bit until I got this advice.

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I’ll try this out. Thanks. I’ll grab new side effects if it still vibes. Vibe don’t bother me much but I just don’t want to see it. Feeling it is ok with me but I like it when my yoyo doesn’t look like its spinning after a throw.

Take them out completely. Does the yoyo still have vibe?
Adjust as needed if it does.
Put them back in and adjust as noted above if it has vibe.
or just live with it.

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The yoyo needs side effects to screw together.

he didn’t mean to play it without them, he meant to take them out and put them back in.

He should have said “Take them out completely then re insert them.” I get it now.

I’m sorry. I didn’t realize yoyo tuning instructions needed to be idiot-proof.

I wasn’t addressing you…

Never said you were

??? If this is about the “crazy” thing, sorry I did it. I edited it. Can we be nice again?

He is just saying it’s obvious that you have to put them back, not mad at you, just saying the instructions were self-explanatory.