I lubed my yoyo and now it's respon...just kidding. SE yoyo issue/question.

One of my Side Effect yoyos has a fair amount of vibe. It’s not my throw, it’s not the bearing, the yoyo with 100% certainty will have vibe on the fingernail test. It is not overwhelming but if I could get rid of the vibe that would be awesome. The yoyo in question is already one of my all time favorites, reducing its vibe would make me quite happy.

On the rare occasions that one of my other SE yoyos has had noticeable vibe I have been able to fix it either by switching the side the SEs were on or just cranking down harder when screwing the yoyo together (no fear of axle stripping ftw, best axle system ever). Neither of these things have helped with this yoyo.

If there are any other magic solutions I’m more than happy to try them. If there aren’t then I guess I’ll live with the fact that sometimes when you buy a fantastic yoyo in the exact colorway you were searching for at 60% off retail on the BST it might have a bit of vibe.

Unscrew the yoyo, press/disengage one of the SEs from the yoyo and rotate it 45 to 90 degrees and press it back in. Screw the yoyo back together tightly. Throw.

If vibe persists, repeat rotation process on the SAME SE you rotated the first time. Continue until vibe is minimized. That’s how One Drop tunes them in the shop before shipping.


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1.What Dirty Birdy said.
2.Take a cotton swab, put a drop of One Drop, YYJ, or YYF lube on it and rub the hole where the side effects sits in one circular motion. A lot of you may not know this, but the side effects do need some maintenance to continue functioning smoothly.
3.Try changing the side effect. Sometimes, the side effect causes the problem.

you can try flipping sides the SE’s are on. also try unscrewing the axle and screwing it into the other side effect.

2014 is clearly not my year for yoyo maintenance. Used the tips here to get the vibe to a minimum but it was still there. Binds on the yoyo had been getting sort of slippy so figured that there was some chance the response was somehow causing the vibe. Did the worst silicone job of my life, knew it and let it cure like that anyway. First throw on an unshielded 10ball obviously some of the excess silicone pulls off from the edge somewhere and gets in the bearing so it’s 100% responsive. Clean it in acetone but the debris remained and I have no compressed air atm to see if I can just blow it out like that. Tried to pick off the excess silicone from the edges after that and put on a shielded 10ball…at least it took about 10 minutes before it got sili in it.

Lesson learned here…if you screw something up, fix it, don’t leave it be and magically expect everything to be ok. Picked sili out, did it properly, now waiting for it to cure again. Cleaning the bearings properly can wait for tomorrow. Got what I deserved on this one.

Thanks for all the advice, though. I definitely was able to reduce the vibe quite a bit by rotating the SEs as dirty birdy suggested. I tried a different pair of domes and some Dietz SEs to no avail. I also did the cotton swab thing just in case, not really sure that had any impact. I guess tomorrow I’ll know whether changing the sili helps at all.