Side Effect Yoyos and Vibe

I have a vibe free side effect yoyo and today I had a knot that required me to unscrew it. I was very careful when taking it apart and putting it back together and now it is vibey.

I thought I may have flipped the bearing, but it made no difference putting it back. Is this a common thing that happens to side effects yoyos?

Vibe doesn’t really bother me, but I’m interested to know if there is any way I could get it smoother again without messing around with it too much. After all, it was smooth once, surely it can be smooth again.

Did you screw it back together pretty tight? The metal of the side effect and the metal of the yoyo should be touching flush, not just being held by the o-ring.

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Yes, but how tight? As tight as I can?

Which yoyo is it?

Seven Summit.

Well, my thoughts - You can’t really strip the yoyo because it uses side-effects. So I wouldn’t worry about trying to tighten it a bit more. Unless however, you don’t want to replace the side-effects. Also the only available ultra-lights is available in green left. (Assuming that’s what the Seven Summit uses)

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This happened to my gradient. I managed to get it back really really close to smooth by simply unscrewing it, and turning one of the side effects a bit, putting it back together, and then seeing if it improved its smoothness.

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Pretty much. If it will still turn it isn’t all the way tight.

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And the beauty of OD side effects is if you strip it, at least it is just a new side effect away opposed to totally ruining the throw. :slight_smile:

You’ll be able to get it smooth again; side effects are just a little finicky.

Tight Tight Tight!

You want it tight.

With one SE yoyo, I also had to do what LeftyLink described.

Okay, I tried tightening it a lot and also twisting the side effects a bit and still no luck.

Maybe try another bearing.

It’s fixed. I don’t know how, I only unscrewed it and tightened it again. Side Effects really are a bit temperamental.

Thanks a lot for all your suggestions everyone. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if I should listen to Tuco…

Because he is a filthy degenerate who deserves to die!

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There are two ways to tune a Side Effects yoyo. The first is to take the yoyo apart, push out one of the Side Effects a little bit and rotate it about 45 degrees (about 1/8 of a turn). Reassemble, screwing together tightly, tighter than you would for a non-Side Effect yoyo, you won’t strip it! Test, and repeat until smooth.

The other option is to try a different set of Side Effects, and do the same tuning techniques.

Also, you want to make sure the important parts of the yoyo are very clean before reassembling. This includes the bearing recess and the tapered hole the Side Effect fits into. Take the yoyo apart, wipe the bearing recess with a cotton swap (Qtip), also wipe the tapered hole for the SE. If the o-ring on the SE feels snug and squeeky when you insert it, use about 1/10 of a drop (+a really tiny, tiny amount) of V4M, or other light lube, on a Qtip and wipe it around the tapered hole after cleaning. This will help make sure the SE properly seats metal to metal when tightened. The amount you put on a swab is almost non-existent, you’re not trying to make the inside of the taper wet, just leave a microscopic film of lube. Sometimes a dry/dirty/slightly out of spec o-ring may not want to slip into its retaining groove in the taper, causing the SEs not to seat properly and fully, resulting in vibe.

Any other questions?


I may need to tweak my Benchmark, has a little vibe. If there’s any “Side Effects” I don’t really care for, it’s the RecRev take on it. I have a RecRev Silly Goose that feels like the Loma Preita 1989 earthquake. I’ve gotten it slightly smoother by rotating the “Stax” (I believe that’s what they’re called) ever so slightly but it still shakes…a lot. The stax sit in a rather shallow seat where the OD Side Effects actually have a fairly deep seat and are held by an O-ring.

I will be a bit worried though when my Eternal Throw Victory comes in and I swap the disc side effects for the spikes…hoping I don’t have to do a whole lot of tuning.

Happy for you Glen. Confused for you too. Of all the OD’s I’ve had I’ve never had a vibe problem and I unscrew them all the time. In fact, they are the only yoyos I have no reservations about spinning apart. Maybe I’ve just always been lucky.

I spin the 7summit apart, man, multiple times a day. Wish you could have figured out what happened so if it happens again or to me ever, we’ll know what’s going on.

I don’t know man, it is kinda weird. It could have been a tiny speck if something on the Side Effect causing vibe. I know that my YoyoJoker Exceed series yoyos that have a sort of similar system really suffer from the tiniest bit of dust on their pieces when they are screwed together.