what axle to do I buy to replace a one drop side effect axle?


I need an axle to replace the one that come with the side effects, what size do I need to buy?


Isn’t the whole side effects system some sort of axle system in and of itself? I think you’d have to replace the whole thing.

As far as the side effects themselves? Go to a hardware store and match up the set screw?


Did the set screw come loose from the side effect?


I got them in a trade and the axle was not included


That is a massive rip off…but yes what studio said…unless you want to buy new side effects go to a hardware store and match up the threads. That is what I would do anyway.


If the person didn’t tell you that in advance, then they owe you an axle. And if they don’t give you one, I would recommend leaving them negative feedback.


I agree. Side effects should be sold complete or it’s a rip off UNLESS stated up front.

This is worse than getting the wrong sized bearing in a yoyo. But that’s a whole other story and I’m not going to bring that up.

Do you have a side effect axle at all or none? worse case is it makes finding a replacement harder. I think you should contact One Drop ASAP and see what they say you should get unless someone here knows that answer. Threading isn’t a big deal, you want that length proper too.


@toastedyoyos - I spoke with David, one of the owners of One Drop. He said to shoot him an email and he’ll send you one. onedropdesign@gmail.com Title the email “Need a side effect set screw”


thank you so much. the guy said that it didnt come with an axle. I was the derp that didnt know the axle didnt come out. but they came with a metal grind machine that was milled for side effects. but when i put side effects in it only spins for maybe 10 seconds-_-


That guy ripped you off hard…might want to contact a forum mod, or the mod of the bst forum that you were on, and see if you can trade back…not likely but hey I have had longer shots than that work out thanks to André here on good ol yoyoexpert, hehe.

I think that it is cool that David will send you some side effects, but most yoyo compaies and site owners are cool like that…well most not all. Hope everything gets worked out.


Not understanding your situation much. Are you looking for side effects or just an axle? And who did you trade with?


just the axle. it was with yoyomasterall. i didnt mind, I traded for a beat techno 2, so no loss really


this is getting off topic but that is a good deal for you in that case


man, that was a really cool thing to do!! There should be more people like you around here!!


I’ve noticed a nice change from the norm within the yoyo community. Unlike most other things, the yoyo community seems to want to help those in need and welcome in new people. My dealings with those who make the yoyos, those who sell the yoyos and those who use the yoyos to be nothing short of great.