What if?

What if one drop made side effects that acted also as hubstacks?

Your turn!

I think they did once, but I’m not sure.

What if Clyw had fools gold cliffs for cheap?

a) od did make stunt pegs, somewhat similar,
and i might be incorrect, but i think yyf has a stranglehold on hubstack licensing…

b) EDIT: it looks like fools gold cliffs/chiefs/acs/puffins/avas all just got posted on clywblog’s store.
cliffs for 65$!!

One drop has made side effects that act as hub stacks. They are called RSM. Rotating side members.

YYF only has a patent on the way their hub stacks are set up.

What if all the well known yoyo companies (General-Yo, CLYW, OneDrop, YYF, YYJ, G Squared, Etc.) all got together and made a yoyo… God Bless - Moefv

I thought yyf had a hold on hubstacks…

That included all of the patented yoyo stuff-Aluminum rims+side effects+hub stacks

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each one made their own little part of the yoyo…sick

Precisely… God Bless - Moefv

No. YYF has a patent on their method of doing it. Rubber retaining ring. Hey, it works good.

Duncan has a hub stacked yoyo. The MoMentuM. Magic makes some hubstacked yoyos. Madhouse has the Ta-Ta’s on the Epic. The Audley Photon Spirit has the spinning rim.

There we go :slight_smile: ChiefXModel10XCascade I can see it now
Width: 46
Weight: 64.5-65.5
Mid wall Model 10 with Chief Rings Side Effects and proportion of cascade and it will be made of 7075…
Like this! Didnt know how to put side effects on so I put a spike on but you get the point.

That looks good… but, it is too much of a M10. That is why I dont like collabs. It looks like a M10 with a less slanted rim and double rims on the inside. Same reason I didnt buy a summit, just an arctic circle with a slightly bigger step near the bearing seat and SE’s, to me

Haha ya i was going to add a groove like and ava but dont know how to do that on EMS :stuck_out_tongue:
Much Wider though :slight_smile:

You couldn’t be more wrong. It’s nothing like the Arctice Circle.

Yes One Drop made Rotating Side Members, but unfortunately they have no plans to make any more, being that they are too heavy and are very hard to make.

Yeah the summit plays nothing like the AC , to mr at least but I could see the resemblance shape wise. Have you thrown one yet? Jw

What if yoyos suddenly ceased to exist?

I’d probably go back to wasting away my days playing video juegos

What if people stopped hoarding and overcharging for their CLYW’s?

They should collab with yoyo factory, not to produce a yoyo, but only to make hubstack side effects.