This is just wrong.

So I was in a certain yoyo office in the city (NYC cause I live there) yesterday, rhymes with bobonayshin. And I saw a duncan momentum, with Z STACKS!

THAT IS WRONG! I heard that yoyofactory is insanely angry and they had a copyright on hubstacks but duncan did it anyway. Give me your thoughts.

What!!! that is messed up! >:(

Ah, I love discussion threads.

I think it is a dirty thing of Duncan to do that. I’m sure YYF would let them use it, but they went behind their backs. Insanely stupid. Duncan’s an @%$

stacks are dumb anyway, you use em for 10 min and get bored


Wait, are they exactly Z-stacks, or sort of replicas/copies? Sorry, I don’t keep up with the news well.

whats a z-stack anyway?

I don’t see how its wrong.

From the one I saw at worlds, Duncan use a different system to attach the bearing to the yoyo.

YYF’s thing is the oring set-up (rather than the whole stacks concept) where-as duncan uses a screw to tighten the bearing down onto the yoyo.

Also the stacks looked to be a much better design than the z-stacks where…

It kinda looks like the YoYoJam Synergy Caps. Here is a link:

how did werrd get around the o ring thing?

Werrd licenses the Stack technology from YYF. The way I understand it, Duncan does not use the same tactic of keeping the stack in place, and that is what the YYF patent is, the way to hold the stack in place. YYF will be the first to admit that they are not the first to come up with spinny things on the side of yoyos.
Expanding on this, the stack grips look ALOT like zstacks, but aren’t. It is complicated, and best left to patent attorneys, of which I am not.

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what he said ^

were did you see a momentium. the yyn office

i dont think that 10 mins is all the use u get out of them, but they are overrated

I don’t really care who puts what on their yoyos, as long as it makes them better. :wink:

Well the idea behind the center track bearing is pretty close to the konkave, and during worlds yoyofactory did give away “spin top buttons” that worked conveniently well as a counter weight which duncan has the rights too. And lets not forget the metal weight rings in the new line of yoyofactory plastics that resemble the rings in the buzzon element x’s. I’m not trying to say anything bad about yoyofactory and I’m not saying Duncan’s use of the spinning side caps is completely justified either, but hey companies are gonna borrow/expand upon good ideas and these spinning side caps aren’t the first time this has happened.


This is all very true.

yes it is

Yeah, it could be a bored yoyoer doing some modding and left the Momentem there.

Duncan has rights to selling their yoyos with counterweights, not counterweights in general.

The Counter Attack was probably another creation from a partnership with Dave and Ben. After all, they did make the Dv888, so why not make another old yoyo recreated?

And the Center-Track bearing was an idea of the Central-Bearing Company, not YYF.

Love ya’ Ben :wink: