yoyojam counterweights

so i dont know if this has been talked about a lot, i dont remember seeing it… but when was yoyojam going to be coming out with the counterweight throws? i remember reading a while ago that duncan was allowing them to do that.

yeah, the Destiny, it will have a bearingized counter-weight that detaches into a sliding counter-weight, the official release date is June 30th and will sell at 68.00 - the first run will be in Clear, Trans lime green, and Trans blue. They will come with YoYoJams new counter weight designed by Takeshi Matsuura himself!

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hm… gotta pick up one of those when I go to worlds if they have some. They looks pretty nice

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yeah it does :smiley: wait to get mine soon, (Work at a Throw store)

They had a couple of Destiny’s at ECC. The counterweight apparently uses a bead at the loop of the string to keep the counterweight from coming off.

That’s funny I sent Duncan a picture of the bearing C/W I did almost a year ago.
They told me it was a really good idea but I could not sell them. I did sell and gave away a few of the Terrapin treated bearings I used. It was easy to stick them in a die.
I can see by the video mine spins better. I use a swivel bearing actually designed for a torsional load. Guess YYJ had a bunch of A size laying around.
I sent this photo:

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looks sweet I can’t wait to see what tech tricks will be done with this setup

I don’t really get how the bearingized cw is different from a normal one? like what are the benefits?
I’d guess something to do with string tension, but I’ve never had a problem with my duncan cws.

68 bucks??? what the HECK?!?!?

Yeah, basically it is a string tension thing. It will essentially remove the need to adjust string tension.

While your counterweights do spin quite well (I have come into possession of one recently), I think that we will have to wait until we actually play with one to judge it against our own counterweight-with-bearing designs.

It may turn out to be extremely good. It may turn out to be extremely poor.

The ones at ECC were only $45…

I was just going off of what YYJ’s email said to our store.

It’s pretty common knowledge that MSRP(manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) will almost always be higher than list price or street price.

The DM2 according to YYJ sells for $48 through their web site. Here, it’s almost $41 for the same item.

Reported MSRP of $68? I bet it sells for around $56-58. If I’m wrong, oh well.

I wouldn’t sweat the price tag for now. Wait until they become available and I’ll bet that price drops. I bet in a few months, that price might drop a bit more and then stabilize. I know some people here have to be “latest and greatest”, and doing so means paying that extra price.

Heck, better “latest and greatest” with a yoyo than a super expensive(say, 6-digits) bit of core datacomm gear that turns out to have buggy firmware. Sometimes “leading edge” technology is “bleeding edge”.

Fine integrity price is like 57 or 54…

From an engineers perspective the outcome is determined prior to the attempt.

he probably means 68 for the bearing AND the destiny yoyo, but i’m sure yyj isn’t that dumb to not sell the CW by itself

YYJ needs to stop charging so much for their plastics

the phenomizm is way to expensive, for $3 LESS you could get a yuuksta, or for a few dollars more you could get another metal

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But you also have to understand that plastic molds are about 60,000-70,000 dollars. Plus maching and material cost. They have to make a profit somewhere. And also throw in the fact that the have to pay for a CW license from Duncan.

Speeder 2 Hits on the 23rd for between 45 and 54$ US. Hiroyukis new model :smiley: