Home Brew counterweights?

Hey guys, I need your opinion on something. Im thinking about starting a small homebrew counterweight company; I will be making delrin counterweights in many colors and effects with dye. Would anyone be interested? How many of you would actually think about picking up a few? Prices would be something like this:
$2.00 for 1
$5.00 for 3
$12.00 for 10
$1.00 Each for orders of 10+
This is just an idea, so I need as much feedback as possible.

I can dye counter weights in many colors, I may even take requests for a higher price.

So what do you think? Are you interested? Your feedback will result in the start up, so tell me what you think!

Titanium221 8)

Put some pic and how heavy they will be.

Depending on weight and shape I would probably be interested in a couple.

I don’t think you’re allowed to sell counterweights because of the Duncan patent thing. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

shouldnt this post be in looking for help/recommendations

I am not sure if this is true because its homebrew. But truthfully I wouldn’t risk it. If Duncan did find out and its against their patent the can sue.

Corret me if I am wrong also. I am just recommending not to risk it.

I pretty sure its been done before…
And I havent ordered the delrin yet, thats why I’m asking you guys first

Ill send Duncan an email or something

Yes it has been done before. But if you haven’t realized. Duncan is now REALLY enforcing their patent. So I am not sure how this will go down.

I wouldn’t do it like what Born2yoyo said because of Duncan is enforcing their patent.

all they do is warn you and nobody from duncan is on the forum

That doesnt mean they cant visit and read threads.

I think it would be okay, because:
A. Its a Homebrew type thing. Hes not going to make millions of dollars off of this.
B. I believe duncan said something about they would not go after the indivdidual (Spelling?) But the Company. And Hes Definitly not Yoyojam, or Yoyofactory trying to use this for a profit.

Dude Spintops were 50 cents each, not 2 bucks.

I would be interested in some of your counter weights. :slight_smile:

I believe this is correct. I remember it from some topic, but I forget which one.

Brandon Jackson is.

His name is Gizzyo :wink:

And I agree with what he said. If YYF can’t have videos up with 5a I doubt you should sell counterweights publicly Since you are selling them small scale you may not have an issue, but I’d still be careful

I think you can, they are home brew. Its like hubstacking a yoyo, you can sell it as a mod. Breaking the patent would be if x company made a huge amount of moulded plastic counterwieghts and sold them as something you would use especifically for counterwieghts.

Isn´t YYF not supposed to advertise 5a?

They can make 5A videos they just use Duncan yoyos. At least thats what Miggy alluded to on the last studio session. Which is specificly a 5A video.

I was thinking, If yoyofactory has a patent on hubstacks, wouldnt the Duncan Momentum be breaking that patent? With what Duncan did to YoyoFactory, I think they would immediatly retaliate and sue them for the Momentum breaking hubstack patents. Am I right or do they not have a patent?

YYF called counterweights “spintop buttons” and duncan called stacks “spinning side caps”. Technically, they are two different things (even tho there not)

But thats like saying I could buy a Superstar, Call it the Super Duper Star, and Sell it for $200, and be immune to the trademark or whatever its called. It just doesnt make sense, and in a court, The judge would laugh at me, and send me to jail. It just makes no sense what so ever. Either way I want some of those Spintop buttons. Cough cough Counterweights Cough cough