Yet another Duncan thread. My thoughts ( the right ones!!!) ;D

Here are my thoughts, if any one cares. I do believe it was a bit overkill to patent the style, but to be honest you cant be to careful in this day and age. Patenting the actual product the COUNTERWEIGHT I agree with, way to go Duncan. I do not espically agree with the limiting of companies to not selling 5a yo-yos or yo-yos endorced to play better as 5a. Or the idea that players who are sponsored can not play 5a as endorcement for their company. Think of it like this: If you create a method of yoyoing, do you want another company using that method for their gain. Here are my official thoughts. I think that being able to endorse a company using 5a should be fine. But creating a yoyo that is specifically created for or mostly for 5a is wrong, Duncan has patented that.

If I were Duncan here’s what I would do. Keep my patent on Counter weights with a slight modification. Individuals should be able to sell counterweights made in moderate quantities. You can not mass produce a dice or ball and sell it, but making 100 to sell or give or trade to friends and what not should be fine.

Using the individual sponsored 5a player from a different company should be fine. For example, yoyofactory can use Miggy for endorcement (Hi, I’m miggy, I won 3rd place in 5a at worlds with ……….) But as a company, YYF cant say “we are yoyo factory and we are awesome at 5a”. or something like that. The player can endorce the company but the company can not endorce it’s self.

Those are my thoughts, feel free to share!

thanks for reading this far!!


Personally, I don’t think it deserves to be patented; it seems to me like they’re patenting a concept rather than an object. Bouncy balls? You can get them in those little machines for a quarter; their so called “counterweights” are nothing more than these balls with a hole in them. They’re basically patenting this concept of tying a string to a ball. It just does not seem right to me.

that’s like saying “I Invented pants! Let me go Paten pants so nobody can wear them unless they buy from me!” MWAHAHAAAHAHAAAHAHA

I totally agree with you raymondini…
And yoyoaddict, if I did actually invented something so valuable I would patent it and sell it since I invented it.

Think about it this way… If you invented something and you can make LOT of money with it… would you like to sell them and make money? Or would you like to see some other company taking advantage of you and selling the same invention for less and take your profit away?

I am not saying this is what yoyofactory did… But they shouldn’t have been selling counterweights and using 5a to promote their company…

I do agree Duncan went little overboard like raymondini said… but I also believe that yoyofactory shouldn’t have done what they did.