Hand Made CounterWeights.

Hey guys so i just made 2 counterweights for myself.
What would you say if i made more and sold them? Good or Bad idea?
Do you think they would sell? Its okay if you think not. xD
If so how much would you pay for them?
I will make some more and post pictures sometime tomorrow or the day after if you would like.

Some pics and more info would be good to start off like what kind of matiral are you using does the cw have a ball bearing and weight

I’m pretty sure you need to go through Duncan before you can start selling your own CWs


I could be mistaken, but I think it is only a patened issue if you are selling the yoyo with counterweight as a kit and advertising it as a freehand yoyo. I think counterweights are okay on their own. I could be wrong tho

I read the ideal weight is 1/7 of the yoyo’s weight.
Consider that you should be able to make CWs with custom weight. If you’re gonna sell them, be able to provide precisely as g decimals (get a scale). The best idea I’ve seen so far are using a plastic tube from a pen and wrap it into old strings covered in adhesive until it forms a ball, you can fine tune the weight in the end (you can also add a small bearing in the plastic tube to make it takeshi like). The ball shape is better to begin (it doesn’t hit you so bad), they should be bigger than a regular dice (The duncan dice is 21x21x21mm with VERY rounded edges). More edgy pointy shapes are for more experienced players that are used to catch the cw.

Don’t sell them as CW, advertise as yoyo accesory for 5A and I think you should be fine with Duncan.

Ummm, no it’s not ok. It’s not up for debate here.
Contact Duncan for details.
(Or Steve Brown can fill in the blanks too.)

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Short summary duncan counterweight agreement:

Sooo, the short answer is NO, you can’t.
Case closed.

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