Making Counterweights

Even if you’re making a smaller run, Duncan won’t let you sell them. Duncan is fine with you making counterweights for personal use, but not selling them.

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I got my stuff deleted when I sold a few. Thats when the Admins decided to ban it from the forums.

Dead end I suppose…

What are you making? Waspnests?

Acrylic Pressured Counterweights. I will post a pic asap… Still can’t sell them though :frowning:

Unfortunately, the US patent duncan owns on a small object with a hole in it is holding back 5A, since other brands can’t promote it unless they want to pay boo-koo bucks (YoYoJam’s Takeshi Die is $5).
2020 seems pretty far away, too.

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It’s really annoying. Yoyfactory even has to cut out their 5a stuff in their vids. -.-
Takeshi Matsuura is WORLD CHAMPION IN 5A, yet Yoyojam barely got to sell counterweights.
Ughhhh I guess they think they have some power over yoyoing now…

Pull a Yoyofactory and call them Spin-Top Buttons. Or do something like make them and don’t drill a hole through them, instead, say something like, these are very cool whatevers, and if you want, I can drill a hole through it for your keychain or something lol Where there’s a will, there’s a way around any contract :wink:

Call them weights that counter.

I’m liking yoyospirit’s idea. I’d love a counterweight sized keyring :wink:


That is like what I have!

Nope. Can’t sell them, no matter what you call them. Sorry.


Here’s the patent:

The very general wording seems to make it very inclusive. You could sell them as other things, but the moment you people start using them as counterweights on anything but a 4A yoyo you could be sued.

You could ‘give’ them away and take donations :wink:

No you can’t.

Seriously, all of you people who don’t understand patent law should probably stop giving legal advice to people who are looking for a way to get around my patent. For a number of reasons:

  1. You’re wrong.
  2. I’m RIGHT HERE. I see all of this stuff.
  3. So do people from Duncan.

So let’s start a new habit, shall we? When someone new pops up, as they inevitably will every few months, and says “I have an idea to make some counterweight, would you guys buy them?” how about we all just agree to say “Actually, you can’t sell counterweights unless you license the patent from Duncan. But you can make them for your own personal use. Post pictures, we’d all like to see them when you’re done.”

Yeah? Let’s just do that. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t stop laughing at this…well played good sir. doffing my hat

Regarding the patent, I have a question. Does the patent cover sales, say, between buddies or something? Like, if a buddy of mine made a CW and I gave him 5 bucks for it, would that be illegal practice?

Soooo…how about as good luck charms :wink:

It’s obvious duncan won’t let you have at it with counterweights with out getting some of that profit. At this rate just make them for your self and call it a day. Or give them as gifts or as a nice valentines gift that’s a heart shaped counterweight to your friends. But don’t sell them this forum is getting ridiculous at this point because you can’t sell them without breaking the law. there’s no way around it so stop trying to pick at something that obviously isn’t there because you can’t sell the counterweights and Duncan won’t let you. Besides if you were to go up to court against you for using the idea without permission you would lose in a second Duncan has millions of dollars to throw at this case while you got maybe $100. So no no to counterweight you won’t win you lose either way if you were to sell them.

See Steve’s post above. We’re also obliged to axe any BST offering to sell homemade counterweights.

OP - Thanks for inquiring about this. Hope this clarified.

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