Unofficial (?) One Drop RSM (Rotating Side Members)


The equivalent of hubstacks, but in Side Effect form, the One Drop Rotating Side Members.

(shubham) #2

Good Pics. these are the hub stacks of yoyo?

(Justin Thompson) #3

Thats pretty cool right there


Hubstacking a deep state would be fun.


I’m shocked someone parted with those. Good find!

(Jacob Waugh) #6

When were these made?


Unfortunately these are not official One Drop RSMs. These where made using Duncan spacers and ultralights. You can tell by the shorter axle and the thick spacers. Hopefully @codinghorror bought these knowing they weren’t the real thing.

(Choncworth) #8

Any tutorials on how to do this mod?

Would be sweet to make some.


Uh oh I did not know that! I bought these from @yardist :frowning:


wonderful. I didn’t even know there was fakes? Pm me code. We will get this flattened.


No worries I figured you didn’t know either. Absolutely no malice from my side at all.

And honestly these fake RSMs work just fine, so if someone wants to make more… go for it!!


Well, I do feel bad. And I’m going to be contacting who I got them from. I’d like to know why I wasn’t informed either.

(André Boulay) #13

Wow - good eyes! Still pretty neat either way - if they work they work?


Yeah, that fits, if they work they work… but on the back side of things, if you overpaid then that’s not fun.

We found a good middle ground to settle on and ill get him paid back with my next paycheck. :slight_smile: I don’t want anyone to think I do bad business, not at all my intent.


I hope you can get some money back from the guy you got them from :grimacing:. I had someone come to me a couple years ago asking if they were legit because he saw the spacers. Turns out the guy who made and sold these ones didn’t like to specify they weren’t the real thing. On another note, I’m planning on trying to turn some from Energy domes, will be close to identical to real ones. The bearing seat will be a part of the side effect instead of a spacer. Probably won’t be selling them because I’m afraid people will begin to sell them as the real thing.

(Choncworth) #16

Maybe some sort of identifying mark can be done to tell apart from the real ones.

I’d be interested in these if you make some to sell too.

Looks like the OD ones have print on top of the bolts.


I’d be interested too.

({John15}) #18

That’s a really great idea!


So if I get this right I need a set of ultralights and two Duncan spacers and two a size bearings and two longer hex head bolts. I know there’s a novus at home with those parts in it. Maybe not the bolt but I’ve got everything else. I’m on it.


Yep! You’ll have to get a shorter axle too, M4x0.7 12mm, the SEs use 16mm axles. I’d recommend using the thinnest Duncan spacers possible to not add too much avoidable weight. The spacers from the Duncan Speed Beetle are the easiest to find and very thin. Also make sure the hex bolt you use has a fairly small head diameter so it doesn’t make contact with the hubstacks. I’d recommend a fairly short length too, probably 6mm or so should be more than enough. Careful removing the original axle from the side effect. It’s hard to not damage the side effect itself doing so. Rubber pliers are a must, you can also heat up the side effect to melt the red loctite holding the axle in place.