Unofficial (?) One Drop RSM (Rotating Side Members)


Yes Sir, you’ve done this before, haven’t you. All kidding aside thanks for the pro tips!


Well, looks like i’m stopping by the hardware store for some screws after work.


Won’t be perfect haha, they probably won’t feel as smooth as the actual RSMs since there’s no way to perfectly center the spacer.


I went a different route and threw some modified PGM posts on the ultra lights.

Edit: I think this is a good solution to the issue with centering the spacer too @yoyospirit - Not really much vibe.

(Choncworth) #25

Quick n dirty write up?

I can see myself throwing some pliers in the wall :man_shrugging:t3:

Very nice btw

  • Cut down the bottom of the PGM posts so they’re flat (I’ll probably cut them down even more so the posts are shorter).
  • Drill through the top of the ultra lights so an axle will fit through.
  • Screw the post and ultra lights together with short axle and add the necessary parts.


I take that, and raise it with these!


Ooooh those look nice! @AndreBoulay we need a lathe for the office!


Totally should! Could fix yoyos for people too then haha


Also by using a hex head screw you completely bypass the factory patent.
That’s music to my ears!