Made these two the other day cut down the bolt tower so the hubstacks would fit then added a weight ring from a top. Weighs 64 grams and plays great my new carry around yoyo.

Glamour shot with some of my 888s and lighter lol

Link to other mods I’ve done at the shop and more to come!

Wow. Those look awesome. I’m very impressed!

would you ever plan on selling these?

Nice work. The metal rings really give a nice look to the overall project. I don’t like the green stacks on the green only because the colors don’t match. The orange/black/silver combination works really good.

I don’t see why YYF can’t do this themselves. I think a low-cost stacked yoyo would sell well, gives an alternative to the PGM for low-cost stacks. However, given the cost of the stackless PGM and the ONE, I think it would hit the $25 or so cost point.

But again, really nice work.

These look awesome!

I agree though, different color hubstacks on the green one would look good, maybe purple.

what top do you have, and what method di you use to cut down the “towers”?

These a really cool good job! i am also interested if you were planing on making any to sell

The green one is actually mine. We choose the green stacks because we only had three color ways of PMG in store. They actually do match the green of the yoyo, just plastic density and texture are different so they do not appear the same in every picture I took. The plan is to get some blue stacks because my 08 888 is blue with green stacks currently.

Are you going to sell these? If you are, how much?

We will be making more. I will have to ask Dave about a price.

And to the guy asking what method I used go to the yoyo page of the store site and you can see the lathe I use.

Where do you get the wight rings. I’ve been planning to do something like this to my Throw Monkey