Stacked mah DV888

(DOGS) #1

Check it out

Both yoyos are still playable (I put a 201 axle and nut into the PGM)

Thanks Max for the PGM! Personally I like the PGM stackless.

Later on I’m going to grind down the stack post a tad from the back so they dont stick out as far.
what do you guys think?

(DanielBG) #2

it looks so cool


Looks good, can you take a picture of the yoyo without the stacks, showing the hubstack post.

(DOGS) #4

(LookAYoYo) #5

was it hard to do? looks interesting.


How did you do this? I want to do it!


can you post a tutorial on this?

(Ariq) #8

Quite easy. Tried before. Did not like it. Too heavy with stacks.