Rally hub issues - Are you having similar problems?

So, I picked up a Rally at worlds this year. I set it in my case and I haven’t really played with it much since yesterday.

On the first few throws I noticed some pulse vibe. No big deal, it’s a plastic, and it still plays great. I was willing to overlook the vibe.

Today, however, I was able to pop out the non-axle hub out of the yoyo with just slight pressure, which surprised me quite a bit. I popped it back in, which resulted in some pretty crazy wobble when spinning. Also, when tightening the yoyo, the hub just spins, making it difficult to really tighten the yoyo down.

I’d love to hear any information on this. I’m fairly sure I just got a dud, but I’m curious to see if this is a widespread issue.


The metals hub and rings are pressed in and not meant to come out. Taking out the hub was probably a worse idea and as you see created more vibe. I think any warranty would be void as well. I don’t think it was a did seeing as a little vibe should be expected.

I didn’t intentionally take it out. Perhaps I was a little unclear.

Really, I was just holding the yoyo with my thumb over the hub and I felt it move. No excessive pressure.

There was a small amount of pulse wobble right out of the box, which led me to believe the hub was already loose.

I took the hub out of mine by accident. It’s still dead smooth…

Yeah, although yours seems especially loose.
Mine is very tight and it’s difficult to pop in and out. Dunno about the other Rallys

Yeah mine felt tapered. It got tighter when I pushed it in.

you can pull the hub out, i noticed a pulsating vibe on mine, and I tuned it old fasioned FHZ way, and got it smooth.

am I the only one wondering why they didn’t just make it take side effects…?

There was a post on here (i cant find ot right now) that showed that side effects didnt quite fit.

I know they don’t fit, but why didn’t OD just make the space bigger, so that they did?

I think that plastic isn’t durable enough. It would warp, or something.

I cannot say I am not an employee of OneDrop so I cannot honestly give you that answer.

Apparently the plastic wasn’t tough enough for SE’s.

I have played mine quite a bit and have experienced zero problems.

(I did switch out the bearing straight away when I received it, but beyond that I have been exceedingly satisfied with this throw.)

I have had mine for a while now and have had no issues. I even hit it on the floor (carpet over concrete) and it was fine. Still smooth as butter.

I have taken both hubs out multiple times and it’s as smooth as the day I opened it. No issues whatsoever. Hmmm…

According to David or Shawn, I forget who, the plastic would warp over time because of how tight the side effects go.

It sounds as though you may have gotten one with a loose hub. Contact One Drop about the issue and see what they would like to do. The company has some excellent customer service. They may just ask you to return the yoyo to them for inspection.

Company Email:

Because it isn’t that simple :slight_smile: Side Effects work on a totally different concept which requires metal on metal contact. It’s called taper friction. There are a number of reasons why it won’t work in plastic.

The “hubcaps” in the Rally are not meant to be taken out.

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To the OP, do what he ^^^ said :slight_smile:

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