Spring Rain Rally

(R.C. Sproul) #1

I think that OD nailed it with the debut color. It just looks so… fresh for a plastic, but the black weight rings and the design on the axle hub make it look serious. If they had gone with the blue, I wouldn’t be as tempted as I am to pick one up. I still need to make my first ever non-BST-reduced-price purchase of a high end metal, but I’m not going to make it for all the plastics I keep picking up.


Meh - I guess I would have preferred a deeper teal. A peppier, livelier color. I will admit the color does conjure up a rainy, misty kind of mood. I like my plastic colors to get up and dance!
'course, I don’t hate the color. I’d put one in my bag if one was handed to me I reckon.

Whatever, what counts is how does it play? There’s the pudding the proof is in right there.



It plays like a beast!!!

a beast is a good thing… A REAL good thing…

(SR) #4

The Rally plays insanely good. I tried one at a DXL meet and it blew me away that it was a plastic. I’m gonna get one!


Play aside, I think it’s incredibly pretty. I didn’t know where they were going when they first showed a pile of the unfinished green halves on their FB feed. Once put together with the black and the trick hub engraving…I was sold. I had every intention of just getting a Rally “whenever,” but it was the looks that sealed the deal for me on this first run.



how much is it going to be?

(SR) #7

I bet you it will be $45.


No need to bet; that is the price :slight_smile:


Praying to the lord that there will be a few left in the morning so I can get one. Can’t get one at midnight. (At my Grandmas. :stuck_out_tongue: )

(SR) #10

Haha, called it. I think I saw it somewhere though, idk lol.

Do you know about how many were shipped to YYE?

(kclejeune) #11

When I saw the colors on instagram I immediately thought of a mint Oreo… Reversed lol


Amazing shade of Green imo


Am I the only one who preferred the blue? Other wise it looks nice.


Yea me too, but the green with black is amazing. I hope people scoop these up, I’m loving mine haven’t touched another throw since I got it. By far best modern plastic yoyo.


I liked the blue, but the green with black rims looks amazing!


Also David I think a white body with black hardware would look very classy.

(kclejeune) #17

They should call it the inverse Oreo. :D. And make a black one with white rings and call it the Oreo version.


Wow, this guy shops in the big boy department. 58mm in diameter. That’s bigger than anything I currently have in my arsenal I believe. (Well, the Duncan Throw Monkey is bigger around but he’s kinda JV squad.) I may jump in line here just to have the opportunity to recruit a brawny linebacker to my squad.

(and the color’s kinda growin’ on me.)


Agreed on both counts.


I picked up 2 Rally and a Chik!