Next run of One Drop Rallys

What color combination would you like to see the Rally in?



glow in the dark, white or black plastic with any color rings


White with purple rings! Or purple with black rings
Make purple!

^ glow would be awesome. I want some neon colors pink glow would be epic.

purple body… green ring and hub… Naturally :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


I loved the teal color. Purple is cool too.

A glow rally would be dope.

How about translucent colors; trans red, blue, purple, etc?

Either way, the Rally is a great yoyo. I suggest you kiddos pick one up.

clear body neon rims; the clear ones are just stunning

How about Green Body w/Purple Ring ?

I also second the “Glow in the Dark” idea.

Anything but red with blue rings, red with gold rings, and red with silver rings.

I vote for some colored translucents with a normal ring color, like black. Not some blue with a orange.

Yellow with black ring so I can swap halves with my spring green :smiley:

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white body - graphite/black ring

or neon orange body - anything. Needs to be more orange yoyos out there.

This! Or basically any color combo of Green/Purple.

Top left and bottom left.

For sure.

Green with purple rigs and hub, Blue with white rings (if possible), Gray and Red rings, Pink and raw rings.

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I’d really like to see some white rallys. White plastic yoyos always look great.

Then some gold rings to go along with it. Oh boy.

Jet black with silver rings.
Silver with jet black rings.

Who agrees?

Glow in the dark

Purple body, Gold or deep green rings.

I’d like to see purple with lime green rings or black with lime green rings