We need your help choosing the next Rally Run!


Remember that thread I posted not too long ago about Rally color combinations? If not, here it is:


After much review, we narrowed down the choices and giving you guys the chance to become a part of the next Rally run! The options are:

White with Black Rings
Black with Silver Rings
Yellow with Purple Rings
Purple with Green Rings

What do you want to come next?

Voting ends March 7th, 2014 at 3:00 PM(EST). Get those votes in if you haven’t already!

White Rally assembly in action!


White Rallys coming to YoYoExpert!

But wait! It might be shipping out to you too. Swing by our Facebook Page for full details on how you can win one of these beauties! It’s pretty simple, just a few clicks on your mouse!


(2Sick Joey) #2

Boo we want purple with gold rings and blue with gold rings.





I would like to see a Rally with every different color piece. The color way could be called Leftovers For Dinner.

But if those four are the only choice, then I would chose Black/silver


White with black for sure.


Totally black w/ silver, or silver with a bright shiny Cyan. The silver w/ cyan might convince me to get my first Rally.


The yellow with purple rings would look outstanding.


Purple and Green Paul… In the words of Smokey from Friday… “you know this mannnnn”

(major_seventh) #9

Purple and green


My first One Drop is in the mail now… my second will probably be a rally. White with black is cool, of course. I’d like to see more exotic color combinations though. The purple with green is interesting…


White with black


White and black.


I voted white/black also.

(Owen) #14

went for the hulk smash one haha


I want purple/green and white/black!

Edit: White with several options for ring color would be cool too!


Yellow with purple rings


Purple with green rings!


Yellow with purple


Cool. Good to know black and white will win.


Black with silver.