Shutter or Rally?

Shutter or Rally? Which one is better in general? Grinds, spin times, stability?

Both of these yoyos are very nice particularly for the price.

Very nice comfortable shape
Very stable both with weight (68 grams) and with size (56.13 dia, 44.51 width)
Versatile with both speed and slow tech being very easy to achieve
Anodizing is on the cheaper side and not the most durable
Bearing is very noisy and gritty, I would recommend replacing it with a CT(X) bearing or a KK
response pads are unresponsive, but that could be good if you like it that way.

Excellent balanced specs (58 dia, 43 width, 67 grams) much easier to adjust to if not thrown before
All of the mechanics are high quality (bearing, response, bearing seat, rings)
Being plastic, you don’t have to worry about dings
Being plastic it is not as stable as the Shutter
Plastic yoyos vibe much much easier than metals do

Shutter is going to be better for you in general with stability and grinds. If you have any spare bearings lying around, try switching them.