What would be best for me between this two throws?

YYF Chaser

YYJ Counter Attack

My current skill level is in Advanced part 2
I’m looking for the one that has good stability
cause my adegle psg always give me vibes and wobbles
and I really hate that.

North star sounds like what you want!

1st. You named them wrong :stuck_out_tongue: Chaser is YYJ and Counter Attack is YYF.

2nd. I would say counter attack is better than the chaser, The plastic just feels… Stronger, I guess is how I would describe it.

3rd. Could it be your throw that gives the PSG vibe? I always found it to have a very minimal amount of vibe compared to some other plastics.

If you’re open to different yoyos, why not go for a Northstar or Protostar rather than a Counter Attack/Chaser.

I thinks it’s my throw that it gives vibes but sometimes it does not do tight binds that cause the vibes. and sorry for naming them wrong hahahahaha. my bad :smiley:

out of the 2 chaser but I would recommend these yoyos first trigger,protostar,nothstar
if your willing to spend a little more a sever,di base, dv888
most is a werrd hour,cafe racer

February 8 is coming and I’m getting my money I’m thinking of buying YYF Northstar but someone recommended mt his yoyo

what can you say guys? I’m not really exposed to metal yoyos cause all my yoyos are plastic.

get the t5 and its only 13 dollars and its a great first metal and you you can save your 13 dollars again withing a month or 2

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I’ve heard great things about the t5, and MYY is a GREAT company. It’s not that well known, but it’s a quality company. I have a few of them, and I’m pretty satisfied. They were my first unresponsive metals, and I thought they were GREAT!!! Go for any MYY you want.

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thank you guys. I will be experiencing metal yoyos from now on :smiley:

Or you should get a N5 or N6 those are amazing! Or a N9 that YoYo has Z Stacks!

n5 is a GREAT throw.

Get the T5! Its kinda similar to a yoyorecreation slepnir inmmy opinion, and that throw is worth more than $150! And a T5 is like$10-$30!

Actually, its closer to a Blink :slight_smile:

Get a magicyo t12. Best Yoyo they make by far


For future readers of the thread, the Chaser (between those two). But for a similar cost, the Trigger is going to fit more people better (Chaser is pretty heavy; Trigger a bit more agile while still being stable).

Hello guys :smiley:

I went to the yoyo shop yesterday but unfortunately magicyoyo t5 was sold out so I was forced to buy the chaser. But I’m not really disappointed because I feel comfortable with my YYJ Chaser now haha. It has incredible spin time and really stable I love my YYJ Chaser hahaha. Thank you for the good advice :slight_smile:

And I think I’m not gonna buy any yoyo for the meantime haha.

Once you try a metal you arent going to want to play with plastics anymore ha :stuck_out_tongue:

at least not as your main lol, I agree