Best Throw Under $40

The Shaqlerstar is just a limited edition northstar, not major differences, but they are really great yoyos. Delrin is a unique plastic that grinds very well because it does not have as much friction as polycarbonate (common plastic for yoyos).

God Tricks has some throws at $43, are mid sized, and are metal. Might be worth taking a look at. I enjoy my Destiny quite a lot. Destiny is meant to be fast moving, kinda soars around. Haven’t had a chance to try the Cyclone yet.

The plastics and others already mentioned are all pretty good as well, just pick one. :slight_smile:

The Magic Yoyo n12 has gotten some really good reviews and can be bought for around $30-$35 if you look around. It’s said to play better than some $100 yoyos, although the downside is that most are shipped from a different country (mostly from Hong Kong) so the shipping time could be around 2-3 weeks or possibly more if you’re just really unlucky.

Yyf protostar.

Thanks but MagicYoyo apparently doesn’t have good quality control. Also, god tricks seems good, but I think I’ll just go with the protostar. I like the gravitsky colourway. Thanks for your help everyone!

Where did you hear this?

Posts on various forums. Why? Is this not true?

I think SkyHigh would argue that it’s mostly hearsay.

I’ve seen one or two people legitimately mention an issue (typically just a bearing; easily swapped out or properly cleaned!). Yet there’s an enormous number of people whose reviews follow this pattern:

“I was skeptical because I had heard things about their QC, but I must have got a lucky one because this thing is amazing!”

So many people that simply “heard” about issues, but turned out to be “lucky” to get a good one? Seems sketchy. I’m not claiming to actually know what their standards are like, but then neither should people who have “heard things”.

I love the bearings in mine hehe!

Anyway, I’m buying 5 T5’s to do a give-away here on YYE. I will hand test all of them before giving them out and see if any of them have problems… Then I will determine what’s up. I’m just waiting till I can find a good deal on the T5’s and a N12 together.

I mean… Most of the time when I buy yoyo’s from North American yoyo companies, they typically come with ano flaws or “machine/factory marks”. My two MYY’s were flawless :smiley:

I will say this though, I heard their ano use to not be as good? Prior to 2011 that is? So I guess I’ll throw that out there.

Also, they used to use 10 ball concave bearings… now they use 8 ball concaves, so maybe these bearing issues stopped when they switched to the 8 balls? Who knows, I’m just speculating at this point.

yeah my n9 was pretty flawless, my n5 had a few little ones, nothing super noticeable, though. Do you recommend the t5?

Magic yoyo!
If you want to touch metal without spending too much, it is the way to go.

T5 plays nice and fast, but it’s a tad small for my taste. (I should mention I am pretty big and thus have big hands.) Mine is flawless, bearing is A-1.

I really want to try the n12!

The Duncan raptor is an extremely smooth nicely anodized yoyo for only 40 bucks.