Help me decide!


Hey guys, it’s my birthday today and my sister gave me $40 as a present.
Planning on using it to buy a new throw.
I’m thinking about NorthStar but I’ve never tried it before. I’m also considering DM2 but I heard NorthStar has more durability and lasts longer than DM2. And I don’t really like DM2 design.
Protostar is another option because I love the yellow Protostar but I heard Northstar is better.
Furthermore, YoYoFactor customer support is much better.

Anyways, I’m still a very mediocre thrower. The hardest thing I can do is probably Buddha’s Revenge. (Give or a take a couple of other tricks like Gyro flop, Laceration, and Suicide) I’m also looking for a pretty heavy throw, since I’ve tried the Whip and Journey and I suck with those since they’re too light. But Protostar, Northstar, and DM2 all have weights so it’s fine.

TL;DR Which throw should I buy? Northstar, Protostar, or DM2?

Also, Northstar comes with center trac bearing, so that’s a big plus.


I like my northstar but the dark magic is one of the best yoyo’s you can buy for $40


i would get a dm2 it probley has less vibe than the northstar. i might suggest looking at the dolphin from shinwoo all metal only 32 bucks


I have both a Northstar AND a DM2. I like both but my DM2 in my eyes wins hands down.

Make your own decision. The centertrack in the Northstar seems to make it feel heavier on the string than it actually is.


Would that be a good thing? I like the heavy feeling of a yo-yo but it does sort of make it feel a bit draggy I guess. I’ve never used a center-trac bearing.


I don’t know. The Northstar weights a teeny bit more than the DM2 and I like heavier yoyos. But I compare that to the Phenom and that is around the same weight and it feels like nothing on the string.

But back to the Northstar, I just think that having everything concentrated right on the center instead of spread out over the entire bearing surface is maybe why it feels extra heavy to me. This is not necessarily a bad thing. I also wouldn’t use term like draggy. It is what it is. The Northstar is a great yoyo. But, I just really prefer my DM2 over it. I have had my DM2 longer but I haven’t touched my DM2 in days and I’ve been playing my Northstar a lot the past few days.


The northstar and protostar are great yoyos (both come with CT bearings btw) but I would definetely get the DM2. That was the first I ever bought and still throw it today. It’s great. And look at Andre, he KILLS it with his. Plus its super durable. You can crack plastics really easily.


Morthstar and protostar are both close to the same but most people like northstar more but i prefer protostar.


I have all three of those yoyos and if went to pick one up protostar is always first. But DM2 is a close second.